How to stop hair fall in Just 7 Days- Hair Fall Solution & Hair Fall treatment

How to stop hair fall in Just 7 Days- Hair Fall Solution & Hair Fall treatment

How to stop hair fall in Just 7 Days- Hair Fall Solution & Hair Fall treatment

Hair fall is one of the most common hair concerns faced by Indian women owing to many factors such as stress, pollution and chemical treatments and the list never ends! Hi, I’m Sneha Daftary, your hair expert and I’ll help you get your hair fall under control to make your hair strong, healthy and beautiful again. A lot of us have a habit of simply coating layers and layers of oil without really massaging it well. http://beauty

This has some serious drawbacks. No Results Double the shampoo Dry hair And worst of all, HAIR FALL! Always remember, it’s your scalp that needs the oil not your dead ends. I’m using this Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil from Himalaya that’s enriched with Bhringaraj and Amla that help promote hair growth and strengthen your hair from root to tip.

Start with a small amount of oil on a cotton pad and gently dab it into your scalp. Do the dabbing until you’ve covered your entire scalp and just briskly run your hands through your hair with a coin size amount. When your scalp is tight, the blood circulation is restricted and that pretty much explains the cause of slow hair growth.

You’ve just got to get your scalp moving and loosen it up with the help of your finger tips, NOT fingernails! Starting from your temples, gently massage your scalp all the way to the back. Once you’re done with a mini massage session, wrap a hot towel around your hair and leave it for 30 minutes to an hour, which is just enough time for any oil to work its magic. When choosing a shampoo for hair fall, go for milder and herbal products that are way more gentle on the scalp and ends.

My current favourite shampoo is the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Shampoo as it is specifically meant to deal with hair fall. The trick to shampooing the right way, is to lather the product on your hands and then work it in your hair in a downward motion from scalp to ends. I shampoo my hair without using any water. Since water and oil do not get along at all, it does the same job with half the effort, product and water plus no over drying and no hair fall. You can go in for another round of normal shampooing if there’s a need.

Post shampooing, I’m just going to apply some of Himalaya’s Anti Hair Fall Conditioner to shut the hair cuticles. This is formulated with Bhringraja and Chickpea that nourishes the hair, helps prevent excess hair fall and leaves your hair soft, silky and smooth. Apply it from the mid-section of your hair to the tips, using your fingers. Make sure you stay away from the scalp while conditioning as you don’t want excess product build up on a sensitive hair fall prone scalp.

Many people experience hair fall especially when their hair is wet! The trick to control this is by ending your routine with a good, healthy leave in cream. Leave in creams tackle frizz and add shine & texture. I use the Himalaya Anti Hair Fall Cream which contains Bhringraja and Amla that help promote hair growth. So, here’s what you need to do: Post your hair wash, towel dry your hair. Take a small amount of the cream depending on your hair length and run it through the lengths of your hair strands.

It naturally dries up without making your hair look greasy. If you don’t prefer oiling OR have colored hair, then you can skip that step altogether and massage your scalp with this cream instead, and leave it on for 30 minutes before washing it off. There you go! Your at-home haircare routine “For Fabulous Hair”. Try this at least for the next 6 months if you want to see the best results. Apart from these external habits, also test out if there any hormonal issues that are leading to excess hair fall.

There’s one common problem that every girl faces, and that’s hair fall, and unfortunately age is no longer the deciding criteria I’m Vrinda Jhaveri, hair stylist and owner of November rain and today I’m going to discuss some of the lesser-known causes of hair fall and easy fixes straight from your kitchen Hair fall is caused by a lot of reasons like lifestyle and stress, excessive smoking and drinking also causes hair fall Often we blame our shampoo and conditioner for this hair fall But they’re not usually the cause Sometimes the cause is a lot deeper like hormonal imbalance.

get a blood test and see what issues you have it could be thyroid imbalance D3 B12 folic acid deficiency Even lack of protein causes a lot of hair fall there are also other imbalances like PCOD Pcos which are things that you should look into if you come under this category? there are a lot of easy fixes other than what the doctor prescribes you can have coconut water daily.

have flaxseed and there’s even a vitamin called biotin easily available in the market which reduces hair fall Another major cause for hair fall is excessive heat in the body and acidity This is caused due to eating spicy food or lack of water water plays a very important role in our body We need at least 2 to 3 liters of water daily Another easy way to get the heat out is to eat a whole elaichi every morning with the skin Lack of blood supply to your scalp also causes hair fall a very simple fix for this is doing Shirshasana And if you can’t do that just lie flat on your bed.

suspend your head backwards over the edge and stay in that position until you feel the blood rush and this 3 leafed plant is my star solution It’s so effective It always works, and I recommend it to everyone and this tiny green leaf wonder is called Bay Leaf or Bili patra It’s very easily available All you need to do is wash it and eat 3 leaves every single day and within 1 week you see an amazing reduction in hair fall For another easy solution you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil into your shampoo and conditioner This would improve your blood circulation and therefore reduce your hair fall I’m sure these solutions will work for you.

5 at home solutions for scalp hair loss and hair thinning

5 at home solutions for scalp hair loss and hair thinning

We love to pamper and take great care of our strands but sometimes forget that healthy hair starts from its roots. Hi I’m Ragini and today we’ll go through some crucial scalp-care tips that will help reduce and even protect your roots from the biggest hair evil- hair loss! Type SCALP in the comments below and we’llsend you our ultimate hair loss guide.

The easiest thing you can do is walk up to your kitchen counter and get your hands on onion, garlic and ginger. Garlic and onion are an amazing source of sulphur which plays a crucial role in keeping your roots attached to it’s strands. Ginger on the other hand stimulates circulation in the scalp that results in the flow of blood promoting hair growth. You can simply apply the raw juices on your scalp for 20 mins. However since they are extremely potent, always go in with a patch test first.

You can also choose to dilute it in any carrier oil and leave it on for 30 mins and wash it off. Remember, as effective these are- you need to be diligent and apply it at least twice a week for 2-3 months to see results. With the wish to make our hair soft and shiny we often choose products that might not be as beneficial to the scalp.

For example, you can look out for ingredients like- silicones, dimethicones, trimethicones in products which moisturize the strands but due to it’s heavy structure can block the scalp and even lead to irritation. Sticky mousses, hair gels and hair sprays with heavy alcohol content can even severely dry out your scalp. So remember if your scalp is extremely sensitive or you’re dealing with heavy hair loss, it might be time to turn to natural, chemical free and mild products.

Tugging or pulling at the hair cuticles is a known cause of hair loss and damage. So it is important we use gentle hair tools and treat our scalp with the utmost care. Overbrushing does more harm than good as it leads to friction that damages the cuticle. If you want to get rid of your tangles, comb gently with wide-tooth combs and moisturizing conditioners. Hairstyles that tug and pull your scalp for too long can damage your cuticles and even lead to alopecia.

So remember, whether you’re at home or not leave your hair open and let it breathe. If you want to keep your hair tied in a ponytail or braid for a while, leave the section next to your crown a little loose. Let’s face it, very few of us have found the right shampoos for ourselves and those who haven’t, hair loss after a wash is a common occurrence. While it’s impossible to recommend the perfect shampoo for all hair types here are some guidelines you can keep in mind.

If your scalp is not excessively dry or oily and your hair is not chemically treated, a gentle shampoo for normal hair is all you need. If you have a dry scalp then look out for products that are enriched with oils, shea butter or made specifically for your hair type. For an oily scalp, opt for shampoos enriched with natural cleansers like lemon or even clay that can absorb the excess oil without over drying it.

Maintaining the perfect PH balance of the scalp can help with hairloss as well as thinning. The ideal PH level of your scalps should be between 4.5- 5.5 – this is actually slightly acidic and helps in fighting bacteria as well as keeping the cuticles closed and healthy. However, most products and chemicals used in them are more alkaline and can sometimes disrupt the balance. A great natural way to go about this is to use aloe vera or diluted apple cider vinegar in a spay and apply it on your hair and scalp. This will help balance the PH level leaving you with healthy scalp and hair! We hope you use these tips to keep your scalphealthy, all year round.

top 5 hair loss treatments for men & women

top 5 hair loss treatments for men & women

I’m suffering from hairloss. Hair loss is very normal for most men and women it happens to us as we age.Frankly, I don’t know of any man including me who is happy to lose theirhair. So the big question is how do you treat or even reverse hair loss?Statistically speaking, 66 percent of American men sees some form of hair lossby the age of 35. Even worse, 85% of all men will have significant thinning oftheir hair by the time they turn 50.

Hair loss can occur for many differentreasons including medical conditions or medications. In today’s video, we’re onlygoing to talk about male pattern hair loss which is a hereditary trait and nottied to any medications or illnesses. I’m not a medical doctor and everything Isay here is based on my experience and my opinions. So the first place to startwhen you notice some hair loss is your doctor.

Talk to them to figure out ifanything is wrong so you can get to the real bottom of it. So of course the bigquestion is how can you treat hair loss or possibly even reverse it? Well, toanswer that, let’s look at what causes male pattern hair loss in the firstplace. Male pattern hair loss, also known as the Androgenetic Alopecia, is theresult of a increased DHT in your body.

DHT is a hormone which levels increaseas men age and as your DHT levels increase, the size of your hair folliclesdecreases and shrinks until it can no longer grow any hair. That means your hair thins and shortens until it’s all gone. Because male pattern baldness ishereditary, it pays to look at your relatives. Aslong as you’ve ruled out other medical causes, it also means that you have toplay with the cards that were dealt to you. In my case, my paternal grandpa had afull head of hair that was great.

On my mom’s side though, my grandpa waspretty bald. My dad, on the other hand, is also quite a bit bald and while he hadalways very thin hair, my hair was very thick and much more like my dad’s dad soI hope for the best. That being said, it seems to be a wholelot easier to treat hair loss while you still have hair than once it is all gone.

Now, before we look at five hair loss treatment options, let’s talk about somemyths that are out there and are simply wrong. Hair loss myth number one, some peopleargue that hair loss has something to do with the type of hat you wear or thegrooming you do but that is simply not the case.Brushing your hair or wearing a baseball hat are totally fine and will have noimpact.

Of course, you shouldn’t just rip on your hair and try to rip it out, thatmay have an impact but short of that, general grooming and head wear will nothave an impact. So what about all the hair you see when you take a shower or abath? Well, the American Association of dermatologists says it’s normal to loseabout 50 to a hundred hairs on your head a day.

Hair loss myth number two is to takehair vitamins. The truth is there’s no such thing as a hair vitamin unless thecause of your hair loss was a nutritional deficiency. There is noproven track record of any hair vitamin reversing or treating or slowing downany form of hair loss, there’s also not a single study out there that has proventhat the hair vitamin Biotin has any impact on hair loss.

It’s often found inshampoo and while it’s not proven to help, it likely also won’t hurt to haveit so you can still use your shampoo even though it contains Biotin. Numberthree, hair loss also isn’t caused by any stress, a lack of circulation, or the sunshining on your head. Last but not least, hair loss myth number four says thatguys who go bald have more testosterone and the increased testosterone hassomething to do with the lack of hair in your head, not true! Studies have shownthat men who are bald have similar testosterone levels to men who are notbald.

Finally, there’s one connection tobalding that’s actually very true. Smoking makes your baldness more severeand it’s just something to keep in mind next time you smoke that cigarette. Sowithout further ado, here are the five best hair loss treatments ordered fromeasiest to probably most difficult but again, talk to your doctor about it to besure that it’s right for you! Seemingly, the easiest thing to treathair loss is a drug called Finasteride.

Finasteride is a prescription drug alsoknown under the brand name Propecia. It has been on the market since 1997 andyou just take it orally in form of a pill every day. It treats hair loss onyour crown and the middle part of your scalp but not on other parts of yourbody. So how exactly does it work? It blocks your DHT hormones by about 70%thus slowing down the shrinkage and shortening of your hair and therefore,you keep your hair for longer. Studies show that Finasteride has to be takenconsistently in order to see the impact of it.

Results can be first visible afterthree months but you have to continue to take it, otherwise, anything you’ve donein the past will be gone after 12 months of not using it. Studies have shown that80% of the men who took Finasteride kept the count of their hair follicles whichis quite promising. 64% of men even experienced some regrowth after twoyears which is amazing.

How to stop hair fall in Just 7 Days- Hair Fall Solution & Hair Fall treatment

How to stop hair fall in Just 7 Days- Hair Fall Solution & Hair Fall treatment

Additional studies have shown that after five years,a hundred percent of men on a placebo had hair follicle loss while only 35%of men who would take Finasteride regularly suffered from hair loss,that’s a pretty significant difference. So how do you get your hands on it? Well,you need to talk and consult with your doctor. It’s a prescription drug and assuch it’s the only way. Make sure to discuss the potential side effects.

WhenI did my research, I came across a site called PFS foundation which means PostFinasteride Syndrome Foundation and there are lots of men who shareexperiences about Finasteride and the side effects they experienced which caninclude depression or impotence or other more severe side effects. It even seemed like lots of doctors from Europe including France, Germany, and Italy werevehemently arguing against the use of Finasteride for hair losstreatment versus in the US, it seems to be subject to less scrutiny.

At the end of theday, the choice is, of course, yours but in any case, talk to your doctor and Ialways find knowing more about it helps me make a better decision. You may havealso heard of the drug Dutasteride which is very similar to Finasteride inthe sense that it blocks DHT even though it’s more effective in the sense that it canblock up to 90% of DHT versus Finasteride only blocks up to about 70%of the DHT hormone.

So obviously, it’s more effective but it’s not FDA approvedin the US for hair loss treatment. The second hair loss treatment is calledMinoxidil also known as the brand name Rogaine. It’s an over-the-countermedication and FDA approved in the US for hair loss treatment. Interestingly,it’s supposed to be used around the crown of your scalp only and nowhereelse. It’s basically a foam that you have to apply to your crown twice a day inorder to be effective. In my book, that’s a serious commitment. On top of that, thistube that lasts for a month supposedly, costs $34 so that’s more than a dollara day.

The good news is Rogaine or Minoxidil has shown to reduce the lossof hair in men. In a one-year study, 62% of the male participants said that theyexperienced a reduction in hair loss when they used it. 84% of the men foundit to be moderately effective for hair regrowth. The cons about Rogaine are ifyou stop using it, everything goes downhill again. So if you start using it,you have to keep using it twice a day which is just too much of a commitmentfor me. Side effects include scalp and skin irritation. Once again, talk to your doctor about details.

The third way to deal withhair loss is hair transplantation. This is not a drug but it works actually bymoving hair follicles from areas where you have a lot of hair to areas whereyou don’t have a lot of hair. Yes, it sounds like a lot of work and it isbecause every single follicle from the back or from the side of your scalp has tobe relocated. Because of that, it takes a lot of time, is therefore very costly, andcan also cause a lot pain.

Of course, there is a riskassociated with the surgery such as bleeding or scarring. Also, most men haveanywhere between two and four hair transplantation treatments so it’s notjust a one and done kind of deal. Now, what does it look like? Honestly, hairtransplantation has come a long way. In the early days, it looked more like afield of corn with distinct rows. These days, it looks very very natural ifdone properly.

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