How to Transfer Everything from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

How to Transfer Everything from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

How to Transfer Everything from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

Hi everyone, i wanted to show you how to go from your older iphone to a newer iphone so maybe you just picked up an iphone 12 like this one or a 12 pro or an iphone 12 mini or iphone 12 pro max or any other phone that’s new to you this will help you move all of your data from one phone to the other and bring everything with it including text messages apps.

the app data music photos accounts and just about everything you could want unless that particular app doesn’t back up its data properly or back it up here everything will move over and so that includes whatsapp and other apps so the first thing you need to do if your phone is like this, you’re ready to go but if it’s not and you’re already on the home screen you’ll actually need to reset your phone in order to go back to the initial startup screen.

so if it is on the home screen unfortunately you’ll have to reset the new phone so you can start over to do that you’ll go to settings under settings go to general go down to reset and then erase all content in settings once you do that it will wipe the phone it will not affect.

the older phone if you’re wiping the new phone so just keep that in mind now as long as you’re going from an older version of ios or the same version of ios to a new one you’re good to go other wise you’ll have to update the phone as well and i’m going to show you the easiest method to transfer from the old phone to the new one using direct data transfer.

you could also use itunes on windows or on a mac or use the finder on a mac depending on which version you have and you can also use an icloud backup to go from your old phone to your new phone you can do that and i’ll show you the setup process but in order to do that you’ll need to back up the old phone to do that again go to your settings at the top you want to tap on your name.

then you want to tap on icloud under icloud scroll down go to icloud backup   and then backup, now since we’re not going to do this you’ll see it was backed up a long time ago since, we’re not going to use the icloud backup method we don’t have to worry about that we just need to go to our new phone and then swipe up to open and then select your language.  

once you’ve done that it should pop up on the old phone and get you ready to go and connect now if this is not popping up simply put your phone to sleep by pushing the power sleep wake button press it again and then bring it near and it should pop up so we’ll go ahead and hit continue and then on the new phone we’ll get this little moving picture here or kind of moving qr code.  

we’ll hold our camera over it on your old phone it will take a second to set up the new phone and connect to it you’ll see it says waiting for other phone and then we’ll enter the passcode of the older phone so we’ll go ahead and do that and then it says setting up your phone and at this point it just says it will take a few minutes to activate your phone at this point.

you’re probably wondering if you need to move your sim card well if you have wi-fi you can move it at any time if you don’t have a wi-fi connection you may want to move it to begin with to help you activate it but really you can transfer your sim card at any time.

if you’re transferring a sim card otherwise if you’re moving from maybe an old   carrier to a new carrier the new phone may already have the sim card in it now at this point we want to set up face id so we’ll go ahead and do that now if you have a touch id phone you would start set up touch id as well at this point so i’ll go ahead and do that it’s pretty quick to set up here.

then we’ll hit continue you have to do this twice just set it up here and it says   second face id scan complete and you’ll see on the old phone it says finish on the new phone so we’re good to go there now i may need to plug this one in as it’s fairly low on battery but either way it doesn’t matter we’ll hit continue on the new phone and now you can see it says transfer data from a aron’s iphone 10.

so we’ll go ahead and hit continue now we want to transfer directly, we do have other options and those other options are things like icloud or itunes but we’ll go ahead and hit continue it’s going to set up my apple id on the new phone now other than doing this wirelessly.

wi-fi Settings

if you don’t have a good wi-fi network or anything else you can connect using   a cable as well but you will need this special kit you’ll need a lightning to usb cable and then you plug it in like this and then you go lightning to lightning and you can transfer that way that’s actually the fastest way unfortunately.

you would have to have this set up in order to do that so most of the time people just use wireless now at this point we’ll agree to the terms and conditions, we’ll wait for it to set up your apple id it says now at this point it’s asking if we want to use our settings from our other phone.

you don’t have to do this but i will bring them over so i’ll just go ahead and hit continue and then it says keep your phone up to date, we’ll just go ahead and hit continue now it’s asking me to set up apple pay i’m going to skip this you can do this later you can do it now.

it doesn’t really matter and now it’s asking you if you want to improve siri and dictation you can do this or you don’t have to i choose not to in this case and then there’s also app analytics that it will just send usage data to different app developers you can share that or you don’t have to generally.

it’s used for making apps better and now it’s saying preparing to transfer so it’ll take just a moment and you’ll see that it’ll begin to transfer so once you put in a passcode you may have to put in your password it says transferring data from a aron’s iphone 10.

keep your other phone nearby and connected to power until the transfer is complete wants to make sure the battery is charged enough so right now i’ve got it connected to power you don’t have to do that but right now, it says time remaining estimating and this is going to vary depending on how much data you have on the old phone to move to the new phone of course.

icloud Settings

if you’re using icloud with a lot of things you may not you need to move everything over right away but we’ll wait for this to complete and then we’ll move on to the next step and you’ll see it says about two hours this will come down very quickly usually normally.

it does not take that long so now you can see it says transfer complete and it says your data has been transferred to your other phone the iphone 12 is rebooting and once it reboots it should be a mirror to this particular phone so we’ll wait for that but other things to note are before you trade it in give it away or sell this iphone you should completely erase it by going to settings and choosing erase all content in settings once you erase it.

it will not affect the new phone they’re independent of one another however you do not want to individually delete photos on the old phone if you delete them from the old phone and you have icloud photo library turned on it will delete it from the new phone.

so just completely wipe it once you’re satisfied and everything is on the new one we’ll wait for this to boot up and make sure that everything’s there so now you can see the iphone 12 has rebooted and it’s a mirror image of the iphone 10 on the left all of the apps are the same everything’s. 

Text Messages Settings

the same all text messages have moved over all accounts have moved over all settings as well as the music and everything else so it’s a mirror image from one to the other and now you can fully erase your old phone and then give it away sell it trade it in whatever you’re doing with it everything on your iphone is good to go again like i said your text messages will be there but do not erase photos from your old phone.

if you’re using icloud photo libraries as they will erase here so you want to just make sure you fully wipe the old phone now the data transfer took about 30 minutes wirelessly if you use it wired it’s going to take you a lot less maybe five minutes or so but if you don’t have a direct connection between both expect about 30 minutes to an hour depending on how much data you have and so everything is good to go you’re ready to continue have all of your new apps and you’ll see some of them are not installed but they’re not installed on the old phone.

either so it’s an exact mirror image of what we had on the old phone wallpaper and everything so hopefully that helps you understand what it’s like to transfer from an old phone to a new phone.

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