How To Treat Dry Skin : Skin care Routine for Dry Skin in 2020

How To Treat Dry Skin : Skin care Routine for Dry Skin in 2020

How To Treat Dry Skin : Skin care Routine for Dry Skin in 2020

Now what are you doing? We face is so dry so I’m trying to find thickest heaviest moisturizer I’m sure I had it some where, but I can’t find it I mean if you have dry skin thickest moisturizer in heaviest voice turns an awkward yourself the problem really I thought you were smarter than that I’ll just tell you what I do instead come on Okay Finally for the very first time I’m sharing skin care tips to save dry skin this artical is collaborated with iron So it definitely.

let’s start with our diet first fat rich diet is crucial for your skin health elements salmon avocados hemp seeds Chia seeds walnut and olive oil they all contain fatty acids that keep your skin moist from the inside out and these are the good fats the healthy fats that are essential for brain function cell growth.

and your skin I Also highly recommend you guys to take supplements omega fatty acid is probably the best Supplement you can take for your skin especially this cod liver oil supplement is something that I took for over a year And it’s rich in fat.

Soluble vitamins such as vitamin A & D and of course Omega fat Now moving on to skincare you can do some massage every now And then the massage feels super duper rewarding for dry skin especially as it increases micro circulation Bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells while removing waste material from the skin tissue Cleansing habit is something that a lot of people make mistake water temperature is Super important hot water only promotes the water loss from your skin.

So make sure you’re rinsing with luke warm skin temperature like water limiting your cleansing too once a day is a good idea and also switch to a gel or Milk based cleanser and cleanse as quickly as possible since the cleansers can inevitably take away your natural moisture If you exfoliate with mild enzyme or acids then you’re removing the dried-up that skin cells that are sitting on top of their skin that interferes with the absorption of your moisturizer and other hydrating products.

But if you’re exfoliating you’re hydrating the new healthy cells and letting your high products absorb better There are two fundamental rules for treating dry skin number one is layering is the key number two Don’t be too occlusive now It’s easy to choose occlusive will really really heavy on thick creams if you do half dry skin However layering bore waxes and oils on the skin prevents outside moisture from getting in this time.

I’m doing a three-to-two Method which is basically applying three layers of toner two layers of serum and two layers of a moisturizer first Cheers that odor that leaves your skin hydrated and plump You can definitely substitute with an essence of your choice natural Pacific calendula toner is something that my friend recommended And it really pleasantly Surprised me.

it leaves my skin a tiny bit of occlusive Which is a very very good for dry skin doesn’t beep at the good ness into your skin and by the third layer you will already? Feel your skin is plumping up Second two layers of serum now to the serum that’s packed with humectants and nourishing ingredients Cosmetics proposed light ampule heals damaged skin while nourishing it with moisture.

nutrients the texture is really silky and velvety it leaves your skin more plump and just do your Two layers of moisturizer there’s really no reason to go for the thickest and heaviest and the craziest moisturizer But instead go for something that you really enjoy this huxley anteye-gravity cream contains a 51% of Sahara prickly pear cactus extract to provide long-lasting hydration.

And I would say this moisturizer has a very good balance of water and lipid It’s a very thick and dense buttery texture But it melts down right away into your skin absorbs really really well without any heaviness You don’t need to go for two layers all over the face instead go with another layer on the areas where it’s the driest Now this step is totally optional But I do believe that sleeping mask makes such a huge difference in your night time routine.

if you like to wake up that glowy Radiant and well-rested skin sleeping mask and definitely help the Casa Express mask has been my favorite for several winters And it still is and you can create that glass skin look very very easily Also, these are the ingredients you might want to look for it and watch out for when you’re looking for skin care products Probably. http://beauty

the best thing that you can do to treat dry skin is investing in a humidifier It’s best to create a humid environment because that’s what your skin care grabs onto it when it needs to hydrate your skin I hope these skincare tips were helpful. Let me know if there was all of the products You’ve seen in this video can be found on IR Comm as you guys know I’ve been shopping my health.

wellness products from Iyer But recently I started to buy skin care products to as the shipping is super fast and often times They have really really good deals. They have over 35,000 products to shop from and it ships to over 160 different countries around the world with customer support and ten different languages, which is a super big plus for international shoppers Thank you guys so much for read it, and I’ll see you guys in my next artical. Bye

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