How To Use Olive Oil for that Glow! – Including Oily & Acne Prone

How To Use Olive Oil for that Glow! – Including Oily & Acne Prone

How To Use Olive Oil for that Glow! – Including Oily & Acne Prone

Have you often wondered how people use olive oil on their face as a cleanser, as a moisturiser, and you there wonder what, I’ve got oily skin or I’ve got problematic skin and you don’t want to take the risk. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered because in this artical, I’m going to talk you through how to use olive oil as a cleanser and a moisturiser and why it’s good for your skin regardless of whether it’s oily, problematic, dry – I’ve got you covered.

Brand New Skincare

  • olive oil on your face
  • cleanser and a moisturiser
  • dry aged skin
  • a wonderful exfoliant

if you don’t know already is a brand new skincare brand. I wonder how long are we saying brand new for inshallah not too long. So in Salsii, we’ve formed a brand that combines two passions basically and that is nature and beautiful wonders of nature and faith – Islam.

Olive Oil On Your Face

So if you fear using olive oil on your face, you are amongst many others. So don’t worry because today I really want to just give you a little bit of confidence in how to use olive oil for your skin regardless of what type of skin that you have and I want to tell you how I use olive oil as a cleanser and a moisturiser.

Okay, so first things first. I just wanted to give you a little recommendation around what type of olive oil to buy because they’renot all the same unfortunately, so we know in the Hadith that we should consume and anoint our body in olive oil because it’s from ablessed trace upon Allah and not all olive oil is the same.

So you really should be looking for an organic or a non-GMO at best but ideally organic in a glass ideally and the jar that’s cold pressed and first pressed. It hasn’t been heat treated and it retains all of those yummy nutrients so it’s packed full of the good stuff that our skin needs as the prophetic medicine talks about.

Dry Skin

In terms of your skin, I understand the apprehension when it comes to using olive oil on your face. So if you’ve got dry skin then Suparna law, olive oil is a humectant. I think I’ve got that word right. I can never say it. Humectant, so what that essentially means is olive oil will draw in all of the moisture from the environment around you and lock that moisture into your skin so you actually have that plump hydrated feeling in your skin.

Protect Against Wrinkles

And also there’s many other benefits of olive oil that can protect against wrinkles and delay that aging process but also encourage cell regeneration. So there’s a lot of benefits for somebody that has dry aged skin which is actually our first product that we’re going to be launching. Two products in Salsii. They are targeted towards dry aged skin and I don’t know if I’ve made that quite personal as you because mine’s aging and getting dry.

So maybe but for those that have got that a skin type, you’re going to benefit and inshallah. Then if you’ve got problematic skin and you suffer from inflammation which can cause eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and obviously they want to scale and you know some people may have more minor symptoms and others real flare-ups that cause you know, proper discomfort and olive oil has asignificant amount of anti inflammatory properties. And so olive oil can reallysupport the healing of problematic skin.

Olive oil is great for sensitive skin types so if you fear what you put on your skin which I understand because I’ve often suffered from hives and breakouts, so I understand where you’re coming from and I can react to a lot of things I put on my face even something that’s gentle and mild and olive oil has been the one thing that my skin hasn’t reacted to in a negative way.

Infact it’s almost just… it’s almost like I’ve fed it something that it’s wanted for a long time so it’s like an oily hug. Sounds a bit odd but you know what I mean, and for the oily skin types actually is the people with the oily skin that fear the most with olive oil alsoI’ve found in my own experience because it’s counter intuitive why would you put what we deem is an oily oil on oily skin.

Natural Oils

Well if you think about it, our skin produces its own natural oils and has a suppose its own sebum levels. So if you actually provide your skin with the right level of moisture then it wouldn’t over produce that oil. So that’s a long way around me telling you that olive oil replicates our skin’s sebum levels.

So as soon as you put olive oilon your face it recognises the properties of olive oil and it will absorb everything that it needs in terms of the moisture was also cleansing so what you’re left with is actually really hydrated, even skin not an oily skin that you’ve perhaps been used to. Okay, so I promised you that I would show you how Iuse olive oil to cleanse and moisturise.

so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take you over to the bathroom and I will show you exactly how I use it so that actually what you’ll find is this versatile oil could potentially replace many of those staples in your bathroom. Okay guys, I hope that was really useful just to see the different way which you can use olive oil. I mean it’s so, so simple and versatile as I say, so just a quick couple of bonus tips for you.

So firstly if you think about cleansing, tick, we know how to do that, moisturising, tick, we’ve covered that off and then you might want a couple of other steps in there in a week so you could look at an exfoliator. Now I’m gonna leave it to you to think about what works best for your skin, but how do some research, play around with different natural ingredients and see what works.

Have fun with it so you could use a… for sample crushed black seeds or you could look at some oats, a crushed… put some oats in a blender. Oats are fantastic you know, the sensitive skin types, those that have got problematic skin, inflammation, I remember using it for my son’s chickenpox in the bath so have alook at different ways in which you can incorporate those ingredients and they are such a wonderful exfoliant as well.

So it will actually take all of that kind of built up grime and washing away with you know, the wonders of olive oil is kind of a foundation, like a carrier oil. Honey is a fantastic ingredient that really works in harmony with olive oil and I’ve used honey and olive oil actually.

he swore by it and obviously there’s sunnah ingredients so have a look at different ways in which you can incorporate just these staples that we’ve got potentially in our kitchen. Butmy advice to you is don’t over complicate your skincare. You don’t need lots of different ingredients and steps in my personal opinion, I think you need to experiment with different ingredients ideally or natural if possible.

I’m not gonna say plant-based because as a Muslim hamdallah, I truly believe inprophetic medicine, I truly believe in sunnah ingredients and so with that I will use honey, I will use milk and dairy because I truly believe in divine revelation. So, do some research into the ingredients that you want to use and just think about how you can so excitedly and also just maybe one ingredient at a time, invest in one.

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