Instant Skin Brightening Natural Face Bleach – Only 2 Miracle Ingredients

Instant Skin Brightening Natural Face Bleach – Only 2 Miracle Ingredients

Instant Skin Brightening Natural Face Bleach – Only 2 Miracle Ingredients

I wanted to share a home made bleach using just two ingredients. In traditional facial bleach, hydrogen peroxide is the base ingredient but hydrogen peroxide causes severe skin irritation in most people so I prefer to use natural ingredients for my bleach and this natural recipe is one of my favorites. The first ingredient we need for this bleach is Ceylon cinnamon.

We call it “Surul Pattai” in Tamil. Ceylon cinnamonalso referred to as true cinnamon is the safest and best variety of cinna mon. Ceylon cinnamon which is native to Srilanka is thin and paper-like and forms multi plelayers when rolled up. It contains only negligible amounts of Coumarin and has a delicate sweet smell that I completely love.

Cinnamon has wonderful skin lightening properties and helps lighten scars and blemishes very effectively. But all varieties of cinnamon including Ceylon cinnamon burns skin very easily. You’d have heard of using cinnamon as a face pack to treat acne and blemishes but many people forget to mention that it causes unbearable burning sensation.

I have tried different ways to use cinnamon to prevent the burning sensation and finally I have found a safe way to use it which I’ve shared here. Cinnamon treats acne, reduces inflammation, fade scars and blemishes and instantly brighten skin but it should be used correctly. The second ingredient we need is nutmeg. I love to use nutmeg for skin care because it fades scars so very effectively.

It treats and prevents acne and is very very soothing on the skin. I have used fresh nutmeg paste for this recipe but if you don’t want to make nutmeg paste, you can buy nutmeg powder from the shops and use it too.

Traditional bleaching is done to lighten the facial hair which makes the face appear brighter but home made bleaches like this lighten scars and blemishes and makes the skin look bright. Generally bleaching is done before important functions to give a brighter look and this bleach will dose it’s job excellently, just make sure to follow the steps exactly.

Take a small piece of Ceylon cinnamon ina bowl. Now pour hot boiling water just till the cinnamon is immersed. Don’t boil the cinnamon, only steep like this. Now wait for the liquid to come to room temperature and then strain. Take a little bit of the cinnamon water in a sandal wood stone. Now rub a nutmeg in the stone till we get a smooth paste enough to use for the entire face.

Nutmeg rubs into a paste very easily. Generally most village homes will have stones like this that we generally refer to as sandal wood stone. We use them to make herbal pastes like this. If you don’t have it you can use any stone that you have access to. To use, take the paste and apply it all over the face and neck. Wait for it to dry completely and then wash it off. This paste is neither drying nor does it make the skin oily so it is suitable for all skin types. This home made bleach will brighten the skin instantly.

It can be used weekly once regularly. Regular use will not only brighten the skin, it will heal scars and treat acne as well. When you are applying this paste, you will not feel any burning sensation at all but in case you have very very sensitive skinI would suggest you do a patch test before doing this bleach. I hope you found this artical useful.

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