Monitor Screen Time iOS and Android: 5 Best Free Apps to Limit Screen Time

Monitor Screen Time iOS and Android: 5 Best Free Apps to Limit Screen Time

Monitor Screen Time iOS and Android: 5 Best Free Apps to Limit Screen Time

I tell you, how to monitor screen time on iOS and Android. I don’t know about you, but with stay at home orders, I’ve had a major spike in screen time on my iPhone. Yikes! And here I thought I was doing better at limiting screen time on the iphone. I guess not so much. If my screen time is so high, I can only imagine that yours might be too, and screen time for kids must be through the roof. So, let’s jump right into the 5 best free apps to limit screen time.

First on the list, I want to start with ahybrid app called Flipd – f-l-i-p-d. Think of this app as a productivity app with a focus on mind fulness. The gist of Flipd is to set a timer in order to be able to focus on a task without distractions. This is great for students to focus on a lecture, for example. You start by logging what they call a mind ful moment, and you can listen to relaxing music or nature sounds too.

Flipd is free, though they do max you outat 180 minutes per day with the free version, and it’s available on iOS and Android. Second on the list is Dinner Mode, all one word. This is a free iOS app that is so simple, it’s brilliant. The app was created as a way to put that phone down during dinner.

I like it because it’s like a little challenge, the challenge being not picking up your phone! You set an amount of time, then you have to put your phone face down on a stable surface before a count down timer runs out. When you pick up your phone, you get a message based on whether or not you succeeded in your challenge.

You can tweet your results if you want to inspire others to put their phones down, and of course you can use it any time of the day,not just during dinner. Third on the list, Space. We’ve all heard of a work/life balance,well the Space app aims to take on a healthy phone/life balance. You can set goals and track your achievementsin the app, by taking a quiz to deter mine how you use your phone.

There’s also a motivational tool kit to keepyou on track to your screen time goals. I like the session interrupt feature where the app will interrupt you if you’re on your device too long, but really all their toolkit options are super handy. Space is free and available on iOS, Android and in the Chrome web store. Let’s take a moment, shall we? No really! That’s number 4 on the list, Moment.

Sure, this app tracks your screen time, butit also shows you the percentage of your waking day you’ve spent on your phone, and compareit to the average Moment user. It’s a jolt when you see a high percentagethat’s for sure. You can also monitor your entire family’sscreen time with the Moment app as well. They do have a coach feature, with coursesyou can take and there are some courses included with your free version of the app.

If you’re really serious about limitingyour screen time, I strongly recommend taking advantage of their unique course offerings. Moment is available on iOS and Android devices. And last but certainly not least, I bringyou number 5 on my list, and probably my favorite app for limiting screen time – Flora. This app has a wonderful gamification aspect that I love and it’s great to use alone or with family and friends, for an added challenge. http://technology

Timers start at 25 minutes, and go up fromthere, and you begin by planting a virtual tree. If anyone who you’re playing with touchestheir phone, the tree is killed! Wa waaaaa. Flora is of course free and available on iOS. Well those are my picks for the best free apps to limit screen time.

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