OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max – Ultimate Comparison

OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max – Ultimate Comparison

OnePlus 9 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max – Ultimate Comparison

hey guys it’s fahad butt we just got in the brand new oneplus 9 pro and today we are putting it up against the iphone 12 pro max to see which one is the better phone now i have to be real with you guys the last time we compared a oneplus to an iphone the oneplus honestly got smoked.

so this time i saw that oneplus made huge improvements and i’m excited to compare the displays the speakers of course the performance the design of it and this hasselblad logo that they’re really trying to push to see how they stack up and going off of the specs i’m kind of worried for the iphone but of course we do real world tests.

so let’s get into it now i typically don’t focus on the box but i have to tell you guys this monstrosity it is massive  compared to the iphone’s box but that is because oneplus is thankfully not following the trend of getting rid of chargers instead they are giving us let me get this thing popped open this absolute beast of a charger and cable 65 watts warp charging that can charge.

this phone with the 4500 milliamp hour battery from zero to 100 in 30 minutes that is crazy now if you buy the fastest charger for the iphone it takes an hour and a half and of course the battery capacity is much smaller not only that but oneplus is going crazy on wireless charging as well with this 50 watt wireless charger that can charge up.

this phone in about 43 to 45 minutes which is insane now of course apple has their new mac safe technology with 15 watts but unfortunately instead of taking 45 minutes it takes two hours to charge up the iphone 12 pro max i do wish it was a little bit faster.

we’ve recently write a artical on that really makes it quite useful and handy other than just charging as far as real world battery life they are actually quite similar in screen on time that’s if you have all the high-end features enabled on the oneplus.

if you’re worried about battery degradation they have made a lot of improvements in precautions such as wattage lowering down at night time where you don’t need super fast charging hav ing dual batteries things like that to help with your battery longevity.

which one you think looks better now i appreciate that both of them have this matte kind of texture so they’re both very fingerprint resistant as far as looks i do think that the iphone looks a little bit more clean although i do like the camera bump of the oneplus.

it’s just a little bit more busy of course the iphone 12s now have flat sides so it looks more modern and a little bit different compared to regular phones like the oneplus with their curved sides the 12 pros are very prone to fingerprints so i keep having to wipe it off where this very thin frame on the oneplus 9 pro. 

you don’t really notice any fingerprints now both of them also have these hardware switches which i really like the oneplus actually has a three position once you have a little bit more control now as far as comfort i have to give it
to the oneplus.

it does feel more comfortable in the hand and that is mostly because of how much slimmer it is that is a noticeable difference it is slightly taller but that part you won’t really notice now the iphone does feel more secure and grippy in the hand because of the flat sides.

but it’s less comfortable flipping to the front we have multiple differences the oneplus has that curved glass edge which i’m not the biggest fan of because of glare but it does make the phone look a little bit more modern with thinner bezels the iphone has completely flat front the bezels are thicker but that minimizes glare,

and i just prefer how it feels overall of course we have the ugly large notch on the iphone compared to a small cutout
which i prefer for the oneplus now let’s get into authentication with the iphone we have face id so you just tap and swipe logs you in pretty quick or you just raise up your phone and then swipe very convenient unless.

you’re wearing a mask that is and with the oneplus we have the underneath the display fingerprint scanner it is nice and quick but one thing compared to the samsung’s is you have to actually turn on the display first either by having the ambient rays to wake or tapping the screen first or hitting that side button in order to log in now before we dig deep into all of the display differences. 

i want to compare the speakers this is an area where the oneplus has been fairly weak in the past so i’m curious to see how they will compare go ahead and put on a pair of headphones and i have to say wow that is a first in the past the oneplus phones were always quieter than the iphones and they were much flatter not very rich this time around the oneplus is definitely louder.

the mids sound a little bit more rich they really stand out the iphone does have a little bit brighter highs and a little bit more low end but it definitely is quieter so this at least has to be a draw and if i had to choose one phone over the other in terms of speakers it probably would be the oneplus.

now let’s get into the displays the first thing that you will notice taking a look at them is the white balance difference so i do have true tone turned on on the iphone it’s on by default but the oneplus actually does have its own mode they call it comfort tone so we can go ahead and turn that on to make it slightly warmer.

now the next thing that you probably won’t notice but i do is the difference in detail the oneplus doesn’t look as sharp as the iphone but that is because out of the box it is not set to the highest resolution it’s just set to 120 hertz so but you can actually go in here and switch it to qhd and now we have a very sharp display that text looks super crisp,

and at the same time not only does everything look really nice and detailed but we’re still running at 120 hertz so you can run both but it gets better than that not only can everything be super smooth it can also drop down to one hertz one fps refresh rate and that way when you’re just sitting here like this it is saving battery life which is awesome.

where as our iphone is always stuck at 60 frames per second as far as viewing angles they are very close the oneplus might be slightly better and if we go ahead and max out the brightness the iphone is brighter but not by as much compared to the samsungs that we tested in the past so those kind of limit manual brightness by quite a bit now of course.

if you set both to auto brightness they’ll be right about the same and now for the biggest screen test let’s take a look at some hdr video the oneplus has always struggled in this category it was very flat before so let’s make sure we’re playing hdr and look at that we also have 4k 60 hdr capability um i think the last time we tested out.

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