OxygenOS 11 First Impressions: Mixed Feelings in 2021

OxygenOS 11 First Impressions: Mixed Feelings in 2021

OxygenOS 11 First Impressions: Mixed Feelings in 2021

Hey guys, this is fahad from worldgraphics20.com and OnePlus recently unveiled its brand new OxygenOS 11 update and this is an update that has divided the people on the internet.

Some people are okay with it, but mostly, people don’t like it because of this update, OnePlus is kind a moving away from stock Android.

Well, I have the update and installed on the OnePlus 8Pro as well as the OnePlus 8, and you know what there are two big aspects to this update the visual changes and the features.

Talking about the visual changes first, the moment I installed the beta, on the OnePlus 8Pro, I could see the new UI all across, be it the setup page the apps or the settings.

See, I have been a long time OxygenOS user. In fact, the moment I am not reviewing a phone, I go to the OnePlus 8 as my daily driver, and the biggest reason for that is the software.

Look If you ask me, it’s just the best Android experience out there, but OxygenOS 11 well a changes that.

Yes, the new OxygenOS update is a major revamp and it looks very very different from stock Android. Let me show you.

So, here’s OnePlus 8 running OxygenOS 11 preview next to another OnePlus 8 running OxygenOS 10 stable and I will show you a lot of the changes.

To be honest, some things I like, some other things I don’t. So, the big theme of this new UI is the big and bold text all around.

And It works in places like the lockscreen, where the bigger day text looks cool, but everywhere else, it kind a reminds me of OneUI. And also windows phone let Look at the Settings page.

As you can see, it has the same collapsible UI, aimed at one handed usage. And it’s not just the settings, this OneUI like style has been implemented all across be it the stock apps,

be it the phone app, the Gallery app, the Clock app, the Messages app and more.

Even the Quick Settings has a new UI, with the collapsible headers, and a new red black accent by default, which I am not a big fan of, but hey, you can obviously change that.

Anyway, in my time with the update, every time I used the phone, it felt like I was using a hybrid of OxygenOS and OneUI and I am not sure I like it.

I will, personally, I like OneUI on Samsung phones but that’s because it’s very unified that.

OxygenOS on the other hand seems like it’s confused whether do wants to be like OneUI or not. I know, it’s still a beta, so this time to improve, but right now, things aren’t consistent.

For example, the phone app has these tab styles, while the new Gallery app has a totally different UI for tabs. Plus, the whole OneUI like interface isn’t implemented everywhere.

For example, you can see it in the main Settings page, right but not in any of the sub-menus it’s kind a way it. Now, if you ask me, I get it why people are so divided over this new UI in OxygenOS.

I mean, this is clearly moving away from stock Android. I mean I will be honest this new UI isn’t bad. For example, some apps look great with this new UI, like say, the new Weather app.

Here it is next to the old Weather app. The new one clearly looks more modern. So, it’s not bad, but you know what, the new UI undoes everything that’s appealing about OxygenOS, at least for me.

Anyway, apart from the new OneUI inspired interface, the OxygenOS 11 update also brings a new OnePlus Sans font, replacing the OnePlus Slate font.

There’s also a new live wallpaper, which changes according to the time the day, so that’s cool too. Another thing I noticed is that you no longer have the option to use Shelf as the left most screen.

However, you can enable it access via a swipe down on the home screen. Now, move on to the features that the OxygenOS 11 update brings.

Now unlike the visual changes, that have me confused about OxygenOS in general, the new feature additions are definitely good. First of Always On Display is here.

So in the display settings, I can set the Ambient display option to always on. Now, the different clock styles in the Customization page and most of these were already present,

but there’s this new default clock style, which is okay but the interesting new one is the new “Insight” clock style. So, this is pretty cool.

See, this is divided into two bars with the clock in between. The bar on the top is interesting. The gaps there show the times I have unlocked the phone and used it.

The bar below the clock is the time bar, so the clock’s color and position changes according to the day of the time, So, it will change from morning to night.

So, this Always On Display is kind of a mix of AOD and Digital Well-being. So, I like it. Next up, Dark Mode on the new OxygenOS update is improved too.

There’s finally a quick settings toggle, which I can use to quickly turn on or off the dark mode. In the display settings, there’s also an option to schedule the dark mode, which is something I have always wanted on OnePlus phones.

This is great but I don’t like the fact that the new OxygenOS 11 UI uses a lot of dark Grey instead of Black. This is the Dark Mode on OxygenOS 11 and OxygenOS 10 side by side,

and you can see how there’s dark Grey instead of true Black in the quick settings panel. And even in the Settings page this a lot of Grey, which I hope OnePlus fixes in the upcoming betas.

Now, these are the features that I have seen people talk about online but they lot are couple of new additions in the camera app as well.

Now I’m not sure of these are from previous betas, but these are definitely not in the stable version. So they can’t know so I am talking about the new modes in the Video mode of the camera app.

As you can see, on the top, there are some new options. There’s now a Portrait Video option and a new Nightscape option too. There’s also a new gesture in the camera app.

You can just press hold on the last photo taken like this and share it quickly, This should be useful. Lastly, on the new features front is the new Zen mode.

This is the new Zen Mode next to the old one, and it does look cooler, because of the new themes, based on ocean, space and nature.

There are also more durations to choose from. You can choose from 1 minute to 120 minutes so you have the options.

Apart from that this, there’s also new Rooms feature. You will create a room where you and say, your family or friends can all join in at the same time and make sure none of you are using your phones.

Well, those were the new features and changes in the new OxygenOS 11 preview and if you ask me my opinion about this update, I had say I have mixed feelings.

Mixed feelings because I like the new features, because these are features had been waiting on for quite some time now and yah these are good, but on the other hand, the new UI is something I don’t like much.

I mean, it’s not bad but, personally, I kind of associate OxygenOS to bring a stock Android looking feel. See, I don’t really understand why OnePlus needed to change the UI so much.

Nobody was complaining about OxygenOS. People are buying OnePlus phones like the OnePlus NORD because of OxygenOS. So, I don’t see the point of this big overhaul that OxygenOS 11 brings.

This, honestly, makes me kind of skeptical about the future of OnePlus phones. Well, at the end of the day, still a beta, and it might get better as we go along, but if this is what OxygenOS is going to look like, what is your opinion on in the same.

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