Parlour Secret Skin Polish Formula – Bleach At Home In 2021

Parlour Secret Skin Polish Formula – Bleach At Home In 2021

Parlour Secret Skin Polish Formula – Bleach At Home In 2021. Aoa how’s you all, I’m Fahad Butt. as you know today we have to do skin polish and today I will share a review of many bleach creams and skin polish is parlors secret skin polish which you guys have been asking for a long time.

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First I will share which bleach creams we have, and how’s the result of each bleach. I have derma shine, blesso, jolen, olivia, mod girl and care These are the bleach creams that are used much and have a lot of requests to review these, which one is best among them First of all I will open the packing of each cream and show you from inside First we have mod girl,

it has 40% extra that’s why it has 4 developers 1 cream and 1 spatula After this I open the packaging of jolen we get one bowl, spatula by which we can make bleach, besides that it has 1 card, 1 developer and 1 cream Now we will open the packaging of derma shine and blesso packaging is competitive.

In derma shine there are 2 developers, 1 cream and 1 spatula In blesso there is 1 developer, 1 cream, 1 sapula and 1 card. In olivia packaging we get 2 developers, 1 cream, 1 bowl and 1 spatula Then this is care packaging, it has 1 developer, 1 cream, 1 bowl and 1 spatula I’m doing all the bleach creams ready in separate bowls By this we can check the result of each bleach cream to see how it works.

Among all, which I like in terms of powder derma shine & jolen has blended powder and cream is very thick as compared to other creams but jolen & derma shine creams are thick. Now I’m mixing it all. Derma shine & jolen has very blended powder the thicker the powder,

the worse the bleach result will be The finer the powder, the better the bleach cream will be mixed with the powder the better the result of bleach Now I’m applying all the bleach creams one by one on my hand I also mention the names as which was applied earlier and which was later.

After this, I remembered the name, where I applied which one After this I leave them on my hands for 15 minutes After that i will show you the result. It’s been 5 minutes, as you know before removing bleach, I always mix it. I’m mixing all bleach creams nicely.

Now I’m going to remove all bleach creams one by one. Firstly I’m removing mod girl, I give proper 15 minutes to each after this I’m removing care bleach cream by mod girl my hair are not colored at all, with care the hair was lightly colored.

After this olivia has darkened the skin you can see the difference after this again blesso darkened the skin instead of cleaning, with derma shine skin become clear Now i will remove jolen, as I put jolen on 5th number but see the result of jolen, jolen has a better result than derma shine.

After this we are making face bleach, face skin polish that i said to you that i will tell you parlour secret, I add the remaining blesso cream with derma shine to use so i can bleach neck, face, hands & feet’s. I only add two things, first we will add golden pearl whitening serum you can use any other whitening serum too If u have like derma clear, derma session, jansen, biocos.

You should add that serum 4 to 5 drops after this we will add half tbsp of dry milk powder ( nido, olpers, everyday) and this is our amazing skin polish is ready Your hair will also be colored according to your skin. Other than this, your pimples will dry, there will be no marks or dark spots appear on your skin your skin won’t burn our aim of bleaching is to color the hair, make the skin even tone, that too will be solved.

I mix it well and apply it on my face after applying it on the whole face I will leave it for 15 minutes. While removing it, I’ll show you the result Now it’s been 15 minutes As you can see, the bleach is dry In the middle I checked if my hair was colored or not.

After this I have wet wipes with the help of these I’m removing bleach Can you notice I apply bleach on cheeks first and remove also because from that region skin is thin If you apply for a while on the cheeks area your skin will burn only leave at the area where hair is present Now I carefully remove all bleach with wipes I’m continuously changing the wipes but that isn’t in artical.

I remove bleach from the whole face, you can see hair is colored, no hair is visible at any area specially cheek bone area My skin is so sensitive, especially when I apply bleach it reacts immediately when I apply bleach on hands expect derma shine & jolen all bleach creams leave red marks & spots.

Now I’m removing all bleach, after removing you can apply any face pack on your face If you don’t have a face pack, you can also apply any sheet mask. On the forehead you can see a clear difference of this bleach on the area I apply There is a line above the area that is dark as compared to the area where I put bleach This is an easy way, milk powder is easily available in everyone’s home.

I’m showing you from the side forehead becoming white. Hands are looking dark as compared to face so this is complete. After this, what can I do? I have a sheet mask, bleach makes my skin dry, So apply a sheet mask so it becomes hydrated.

If you don’t want to put on a sheet mask you can apply any mask from a facial kit that suits your skin. It will close the pores, dryness will end, disturbed pH level of skin will also balance I have a garnier eye sheet shade mask. I applied those because I had to sit for 15 minutes after applying the sheet mask.

So this is my mini facial the main thing is to color face hair So they have also happened & result is in front of you If you ask me which bleach cream I recommend so I choose derma shine & jolen I didn’t like the result of any other Other creams make the skin dark instead of colored the hair or powder formula is very hard,

makes rash on skin colored the hair but burns the skin Use those products which do not damage your skin Maybe it suits someone or someone not, everyone has its own review of products. I’m showing you from side after removing sheet mask skin becomes too refresh after applying sheet mask not a single hair is visible all hair are bleach, skin looks so good. This is my todays artical.

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