Remove Dead Skin In 5 Mins at Home

Remove Dead Skin In 5 Mins at Home

Remove Dead Skin In 5 Mins at Home

hi, Everybody says exfoliation is best for the skin. People prescribe different types of exfoliators for skin. Some people say we did rose and chocolate exfoliation, while some say we did lemon exfoliation etc. The point is very simple. Exfoliation means removing the dead layer of cells on your skin. And helping your skin to rejuvenate.

But you don’t have to be harsh while scrubbing your skin. You just have to remove the dead layer. Exfoliation, genuinely, light exfoliation is good. Full body exfoliation, once a week, is prescribed by most skin doctors Now it has two benefits. First, exfoliation improves blood circulation, which in turn improves skin quality. Second, the blocked pores of your skin also open.

Today, I will tell you two exfoliators. And both of these can be used from head to toe. The coffee exfoliator that I will tell you, that can be used head to toe. And I will come to the second one in a bit. Simple exfoliator with things that are easily found in home. People who like drinking coffee, instead of using instant coffee, use coffee grains.

So use coffee grains, don’t use instant coffee. Otherwise, you won’t get results. So you can take coffee grains, Or if you have coffee beans you can grind them, and keep them in a plate. And you have to add olive oil to it. Now, you added olive oil to your coffee grains and mixed it into a paste. You have to rub this on your body in circular motions. What that would do is, remove the layer of dead skin.

it would smell good because of the coffee, and olive would bring a glow to your skin. So this is one of my favourite exfoliators. By the way, I will share more exfoliators with you But these are two of my favourite ones. Now the exfoliator, that I don’t apply on my face because I get some issue with lemon, but I have to admit, this suits alot of people.

Specially, the ones who like to go for whitening. Although, I always say that go with your natural skin color. Don’t experiment with your skin. This is a very simple exfoliator. Sugar and lemon. What can be more simpler than this. Take some sugar in a bowl As much sugar as you need. And to that, add lemon like this. And by the way you don’t need alot of lemon. And don’t worry about the lemon seeds or anything else.

Add as much as you require. If making for full body, then obviously you will have to make a bowl full. And so you will add lemon juice to the sugar. Here, I have added lemon juice to the sugar.Now look at this, the sugar has become damp.You are going to gently rub it on your body and exfoliate it. This would make some mess so do this in your bathroom. Do it like this.

This is just lemon and sugar. After doing this, if I wipe clean with a tissue paper it will even then feel very soft and amazing. I recommend that, use this lemon and sugar exfoliator one week and then the next week alternate with the coffee and olive oil exfoliator. I promise you, that your skin will glow. But, I have a great opportunity for you now, You can share with your friends.

3 Best Body Polishing & Body Brightening Sugar Scrub Recipes

3 Best Body Polishing & Body Brightening Sugar Scrub Recipes

Hi friends, I wanted to share three body polishing scrubs that will brighten the skin tone immediately. These scrubs exfoliate the skin really well leaving it soft, smooth, radiant and fragrant. Yes, really fragrant because all these three scrubs smell amazing. If alone you package them in attractive containers you’ll never be able to differentiate them from very expensive store-bought scrubs.

The base for all these scrubs are castor sugar. Castor sugar is the fine sugar we use inbaking, it has fine crystals that is perfect for using in scrubs. Don’t use our regular white sugar as the large crystals can cause small micro tears inyour skin. If you don’t get castor sugar slightly crush the sugar in a mortar and pestle and use.

For this scrub, take a table spoon of castor sugar in a bowl. Now take a lemon and grate the outer skin alone. The outer skin of the lemon contains lemon essential oil which is so good for our skin, it also makes the scrub smell amazing! Now add the grated zest to the sugar. Add in 1/4 teaspoon of cold pressed virgin coconut oil to it.

Finally add in enough lemon juice toform a paste. Now mix well. To use, take little bit of this mixture and massageall over the skin for a few minutes and then wash it off. This scrub lightensscars and blemishes well. This scrub is perfect for oily skin.

I have just added quarter tea spoon of coconut oil, you can skip that too, if you’ve got very oily skin. For this scrub, take a table spoon of powdered jaggery or soft brown sugar in a cup. Add in few drops of your favorite essential oil, I have added rosees sential oil. Finally add enough honey to mix. Now mix well to form a paste, this scrub is amazing for people with sensitive skin as it exfoliates the skin gently.

Both honey and jaggery gives a nice glow to the skin. The final scrub is my favorite, it is a chocolate skin brightening scrub. To make the scrub, take a table spoon of castor sugar in a bowl. Add in a table spoon of cocoa powder to it. Now add in a few drops of pure vanilla. Since I bake a lot,I always stock pure Madagascar vanilla at home which makes this scrub smell heavenly but please don’t use synthetic vanilla essence.

Finally add in enough coconut oil to form a paste. Now mix well. If you are a chocolate lover, you will absolutely love this scrub. The sweet smell of vanilla and cocoa is amazing and it is a pure joy to use this scrub. After using this scrub if you touch your skin, it will be satiny smooth! I hope you found this artical useful. please share this artical with your friends. It’ll mean a lot to me.

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