should samsung be worried about oppo’s latest flagship well we’re going to take a look right after this! So today we’re going to be taking a look at the oppo find x3 pro which is rumored to be their new power house with an in-display selfie camera.

we’re gonna cover the specs design launch date, what phone you’re reading this artical on so as we approach the expected launch of the oppo find x3 pro, we’ve got rumors of another power house from oppo with their first in-display selfie camera well very early on it was expected that samsung would be the first company to showcase this technology in the s20.

then we thought the s21 we now of course know that it’s not going to be happening in the s21 and in fact we haven’t even been given a glimpse of this tech from samsung, when it comes to oppo and even xiaomi they’ve already showed us a pro to type with a working in display camera this was way back in june 2019, both companies showed us their videos of the working in display camera technology and while they were very low quality videos.

that while the tech was working it wasn’t working that well when it comes to xiaomi they released so many phones it’s sort of hard to guess what smartphone their first in-display camera technology is going to be in it could of course be in the mi 11 coming in q1 of 2020.

but we just don’t have any info yet xiaomi did actually give us an updated artical a couple of months ago where it appears to be working much better than before so i’d still be that little bit skeptical oppo do have their find x3 pro coming and given that it’s always aimed as a very high-end flagship.

they’re rumors that it could be oppo’s first device with the in-display selfie camera in these times it’s very likely that a chinese company are going to beat samsung to the release as they’re not afraid to try new things and they may be released that little bit early where as samsung would want a more polished version.

we’ve already seen this technology in the launch of the zte axon 20 5g but   this was planned as a china exclusive smartphone, now when it comes to oppo though the find x3 pro seems like the definite candidate for this and with all companies pushing their releases forward.  

i wouldn’t be surprised if oppo do the same there have been little to no leaks at all for the specs of the find x3 pro but we do have an idea of what we can expect thanks to their previous releases.  

its predecessor as many other phones actually released multiple different versions when it comes to the find x we had two we had the standard the pro and then later on they released the light and the neo meaning we can first expect the launch of the find x3 and the find x3 pro now the find x2 was launched in march 2020.

so that would be a logical launch for the find x3 pro but as i said i wouldn’t be surprised if this was brought forward maybe even to february the release date was a couple of months after launch but maybe again that could also be reduced after oppo showcase their watt fast charging technology back in july there are also rumors that this is going to be present in the find x3 pro.

maybe even the find x3 its predecessor lack wireless charging but we also   expect to see this in the find x3 pro and when it comes to the find x3 pro’s cameras its predecessor already had a pretty popular setup we had the 48 megapixel wide angle 13 megapixel telephoto and the 48 megapixel ultrawide.


so we can expect the same again on the find x3 pro but with some upgraded sensors we’ve already got 4k video at 60 frames a second on the predecessor   but we’re hoping this time around maybe we get 4k video on the selfie camera the find x3 pro is of course going to be powered by the snapdragon 875.

the great thing about oppo is they use the same chipset for every single model so whatever country you’re in you’re going to be getting the flagship chipset now oppo generally offer healthy ram and storage configurations as well.  

so i expect at least 12 gigabytes on the pro again but they could offer up to 16 and storage is likely going to be 256 or 512 ufs 3.1 storage but as usual we don’t expect expandable when it comes to the display, it will likely get a small increase so i’m going to estimate a 6.8 inch amoled display.  

it is of course going to be 120 hertz we expect another high 1440p resolution with hdr 10 plus as usual we’ll be getting the in-display fingerprint scanner and the latest gorilla glass protection and the phone is going to be coming with color os based on android 11.  

of course this is going to be a full screen display, if they’ve managed to perfect the in-display selfie camera but if not then we’ll likely get a punch hole stereo speakers are very likely utilizing the phone call speaker as the secondary speaker and as with all flagships this year do not expect a three and a half mil headphone jack with no leaks on the actual device.

we’ve got no idea what color choices they’re going to provide either but when it comes to pricing the oppo find x2 was a pretty pricey device coming in at 1099 pounds this is about 1 450 and you would have to purchase the handset up front in usa as oppo don’t have any carrier arrangements when it comes to the find x3 pro.

we can expect a similar launch price which is why we may be lucky to see this new tech their prices are very high and they’re close to that of samsung and   apple who are much more reputable brands in the eyes of many consumers globally so i think they need to give people a very good reason to purchase of course as any solid leaks come in for the oppo find x3 pro.

i’m gonna be sharing them with you guys straight away, who out there is interested in the oppo find x3 or the find x3 pro and if not then what phone are you interested in but thanks for reading the artical.


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