Soft Everyday Winter Makeup – Skincare 5 Beauty Tips

Soft Everyday Winter Makeup – Skincare 5 Beauty Tips

Soft Everyday Winter Makeup – Skincare 5 Beauty Tips

Hello everybody, today’s artical is on this natural everyday makeup for winter used shimmery shades to replicate the sparkle of snow, If you want to see how I created this light makeup look just keep reading.

The most important step in makeup is always skincare but this becomes especially true during winter I partnered up with Bio Clarity to show you a simple 3-step skincare routine that will keep your makeup from flaking off through the chillier months First.

using the cleanser What I found interesting about Bio Clarity is it claims to be suitable for all skin types, I know my skin definitely gets a lot drier during the winter time, so I’m hoping this is true so I can stick to the same skincare routine year-round Next.

I’m using the Acne Treatment Gel My skin has been trying adjust to this sudden cold front in Florida so I am breaking out a bit This gel can be used as spot treatment, but I decided to apply it to my entire face because it claims to prevent future breakouts as well.

The third step is called Restore which has Bio Clarity’s exclusive plant-based ingredient called Floralux, It’s formulated with chlorophyll to reduce redness and pore size while also soothing the skin.

This is separate from the 3-step skincare routine but now I’m using Bio Clarity Hydrate, This is a light oil-free moisturizer designed for even the most sensitive skin so it’s perfect for that time, when your skin is trying to transition to the new season BioClarity is about $30 a month with free shipping.

But they did offer 50% off your first month if you use the code “JESSICAVU” Now that skincare is complete, I’m going to move on to my eyebrows My winter makeup is very light and natural so I’m going to make the brows a bit lighter and less arched To make them look a bit more natural.

I’m creating hair-like strokes with a brow powder Using a product like this with a pointed applicator allows you to create precise brow hairs without having to sacrifice the soft effect of a powder To clean up the brows, I’m using a concealer pencil Using a brow gel.

I’m going to set my brows Before I finish up with the eyes, I’m going to prime my face Whenever you’re using an oil-based primer I recommend you do it before doing your eye makeup so your skin has time to fully absorb it Moving back to the eyes.

I’m first priming my eyelids Next, I’m setting them with translucent powder For eye shadow today we’re only going to be using 2 shades, I’m first applying this sparkly peach shade all over my eyelid To get that snow effect and make my eyes really sparkle.

I’m using a Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow I’m going to focus that on the inner portion of my eyelid and then spread it out wards all over the lid Because today’s makeup point is light and natural I’m going to skip foundation and move on to concealer.

This next tip actually came from one of you When you have a blemish that your concealer can’t seem to cover you can try using an eye shadow primer near your skin tone instead or an eye shadow primer under neath your concealer to keep it from creasing.

I’m lightly setting everything with translucent powder Using the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder I’m going to contour my face, Now I’m baking the sides of my nose For blush, I’m using a pastel pink on the apples of my cheeks On the outer edges of my cheeks.

I’m using a slightly darker peach blush Doing this with your blush will help you get that rosy effect without making your face appear too flat Because today’s makeup is more on the natural side, I’m going to use a subtle highlighter I’m going to place that on the high points of my face and then also on my lower lash line For lip liner.

I’m using a nude lip pencil with a pink under tone When I line the top lip I like to bring the cupid’s bow a bit higher and closer together I don’t overline the sides of my lips, I follow my natural lip line and then right before I get to the corner, I pull it in wards and then at the corner I drag it out This creates that cute upturned lips effect Next, I’m using a concealer pencil to make the lips a lighter shade Because my lips get very dry during winter.

I usually skip out on the lipstick and opt for a tinted lip balm instead And this is the completed look. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you found this artical helpful If you did, I hope you all are able to spend time with the ones you love this season.

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