Sony Xperia 5 II – Good Enough to Beat the Pixel 5 & iPhone 12 Series?

Sony Xperia 5 II – Good Enough to Beat the Pixel 5 & iPhone 12 Series?

Sony Xperia 5 II – Good Enough to Beat the Pixel 5 & iPhone 12 Series?

hi, this artical all about the xperia 5 mark ii. we have all the information and i want to know what you think of the phone and just as importantly if not more importantly let’s compare it to the specs as we think they’re going to be for the pixel 5 and the iphone 12 even 12 pro because actually in terms of us pricing especially they’re not that far a part let’s get into it right now.

we’re going to be getting the phone in hand and we will be doing an amazing number of comparison videos camera guides all the kind of stuff wedo here that we’ve already done with the Xperia 1 II, okay so do that and let’s get into the the 5 II right now cheersokay so first of all i want to give you some good news and some bad news.

just so we know what we’re dealing with here the good news is that the battery has gone up from 3140 milliamp hours up to 4 000 which for a phone that’s even thinner than last year’s model and so small anyway i mean we know it’sa tiny phone um that is epicabsolutely wonderful news really happy that sony pulled that off the other great news is that the price is lower than.

it was for the previous model 799 GBP in the uk 949 in the usa so far so good so what’s the bad newswell the bad news is that wireless charging has goneit’s not here at all and the 4k screen that we had andabsolutely loved on the xperia one mark ii that’s gone toohere on the five mark ii it’s just full hdplus now that does not worry me at all the loss of wireless chargingthat that’s a little bit more of an issue for me.

is it a deal breakeri’m not going to say it’s a deal breaker but i have a worry that it will be for a lot of people i’d love to know what you thinklet me know in the comments i’ll see you thereso the xperia 5 mark ii comes in two colors black and blue although it’s worth noting blue is only availableonline that may change in the future.

there may be more colors in the future ihope so because i have a feeling that for a lot ofpeople colors are really important and appleand i think to a lesser extent google as well with their pixel lineup will havemore colors to offer by the way the five mark ii will beavailable for pre-order from october the first and i believe you’llbe able to buy it in store from the 12th of october so that’s pretty good news design wise it’s very very similar to last year’s model although.

and by the way all of the thethe commenters we have here the subscribers at btec noticed within abouthalf a second that this is a much more rounded offdesign if you look at the corners here this isuh because sony wants the device to be as comfortable aspossible to hold um interesting i mean i think that’sit’s a fair point i can’t wait to get the device in hand to let you know.

if it feels better in hand all i would say though isthat the xperia one mark ii as far as i’m concerned feels justabsolutely fine in hand i’ve got no problem with the cornerswhatsoever so i’m a little bit surprised that theythey went down that route so the display is 6.1 inchesuh 21×9 of course that’s the way sony does thingsand i love it um it’s not 4k as we said but you know what i’m absolutely fine with that because 99 of the time.

i know possiblyum what we’re going to be watching is going to be full hd plus anyway soi think that’s great hdr um is here as well of course create modeall the good stuff i mean this is gonna bei’m absolutely sure a fantastic looking display what i loveabout the display also is the 120 hertz refresh ratei mean that is superb news really happy about thatand just before we move on to the uh the audio chops of this devicei just want to say that. http://tech

if you’re a gamer and i’m i’m the world’s worst gamer just to be upfront and honest with you about thatum apparently this device can emulate 240 hertz refresh ratesuh by introducing uh additional black frames whenrequired i mean i need to get my head aroundjust what that is like i mean i need to experience it to tell you if that’s anygood in fact i need a proper gamer to tell you what that’s like.

we can arrange that but either way that’s pretty amazing now let’s get into the audio so dolby atmosi mean if you’ve seen our speaker comparison video you know that thethe sony xperia is a fantastic sounding device the xperia one mark ii we’ve alsogot a headphone jack 3.5 mil of course high-resaudio supported ldac support for wireless earphones um if you’ve got like pretty average soundingmaterial being played on the device.

Sony Xperia 5 II – Good Enough to Beat the Pixel 5 & iPhone 12 Series?

Sony Xperia 5 II – Good Enough to Beat the Pixel 5 & iPhone 12 Series?

the enhancement engine will make it soundbetter 360 degree reality audioand if you’ve never used tidal but you want to give it a go actuallyfor the uk anyway i don’t know about the us i hope soyou get three months free tidal subscription that’s a really nice touchgrateful for that so in terms of the audio hereum just like the xperia one mark ii we’ve got a lot ofreally really good stuff here dolby atmos the headphone jack ismassive of course.

i mean how many phones even have thatheadphone jack these days not many especially at the high end like thisum high-res audio ldac support for wirelessum the enhancement engine to make you knownot very good quality music sound better 360 realityaudio uh three months tidal subscription as well which i wasn’t expecting i thinkthat’s a really nice touch thank you sony now.

let’s talk about the power and the performance becauselook i’m gonna get on to the the pricing and how this phone compares against thepixel 5 and the iphone 12 lineup but let’s not forget thispacks the 865 qualcomm snapdragon i mean this is not the uh the mostpowerful phone in the world but my goodnessit is very very close and it’s it’s got to be the most powerful compact phone in the world right i mean can you think of any thing this small that is this powerful.

i don’t think i canum 128 gig storage straight out the box eight gigs of ramit’s a 5g device um and you’ve also got um thethe way sony does things of course with looking after the battery for the longterm which is great i know a lot of people here who’ve commented at btx inthe comments section below they keep their devices for up to five years so looking after the battery that’s a nice touch.

you will need to buy a fast charger if you want to get the mostout of fast charging um but again that’s that’s fair i think that’s fairso how powerful is this device well i thinkit’s just about the most powerful compact deviceon the market in many ways i mean again we’re going to come on to the iphone 12uh a bit later on but what have we got here 865 qualcomm snapdragon i mean lookthat’s seriously quick there’s no two waysabout it eight gigs of ram 128 gig storage by the way that’s the base.

i mean that’s it so that’s great 5g modemsupport which is really important for a lot of people certainly forfuture proofing that’s great um if you want to make the most of the fastcharging you’ll need to buy a separate chargeruh that’s fine i’m not worried about thatagain as i mentioned at the very beginning of the video there’s no wireless charging that’s going to upset some people there’s even sony is really good at making sure that you look after the battery for the long term.

which i really like from a hardware perspective i know a lot of people here in the commentsare using their xperia devices for up to five years so that’s greatthere’s even an option here to make sure that the battery never chargesover 90 and given that the battery you know given it’s a 4 000 milliamp hour battery that should protect you for many many years.

i love that so let’s talk about the camera tech 12megapixels across the board just like the one mark ii um 16millimeter ultra wide 24 millimeter primary 70 millimeter telephoto that’s all great i suspect like the one mark ii is going to take beautiful natural looking pictures and video i absolutely love well i tell you what the one mark ii is my phone of the year.

i mean i adore that phone i’m very excited about the five mark iithe eight megapixel selfie camera on the fronti hope it’s better than uh on the one markii because i i thought that was rubbish so what elseis there to shout about here as far as the camera tech is concernedwell one thing i like is the fact that the eye auto focus for animals as well ashumans is is still here and my goodness.

it works incredibly well we’ve really enjoyed using that with a dog anda cat actually as well as some humans 20 frames persecond burst mode is great real time auto focusand exposure i mean there’s so much good stuff herethe low light sensor is actually larger this timearound and the noise reduction tech is improved so low light photography.

you may have seen our low light special with the xperia one mark ii uh low light photography is going to beeven better with this device that’s great news and maybe you saw our raw photography video with the one markii but here’s the thing i love here with the five mark ii.

Sony Xperia 5 II – Good Enough to Beat the Pixel 5 & iPhone 12 Series?

Sony Xperia 5 II – Good Enough to Beat the Pixel 5 & iPhone 12 Series?

you’re getting raw and jpeg by default as soon as you go out and start takingpictures i love that i mean this is a phonefor those of us who are serious about not just getting great photographs butgetting very natural photographs and video for that matter umthat really looks as true to reality as it’s possible toget i mean we compared the one mark ii witha mirrorless camera from sony the a7 iii and the results were surprisingly similar.

this is an incredibly competent phone so yes we know that the pro apps for video and photographyare really really good for those of us who want to get into thethe art and the process and enjoy the process of getting the best possibleimages and videos and my goodness they’re a lot of funthey remain here of course with the five mark ii.

what else have we got here ah 120 frames per secondslow motion mode that’s cool isn’t it you can also record in 4k hdrall that goodness that’s wonderful but now let’s get on to how thiscompares with the upcoming pixel 5 and iphone 12 series now of course iwant to stress that i’m recording this before those phones are released although.

it’s just around the cornerand we will be in miami to get samples of these phonesand we’ll be doing some cracking comparison videos for youum yeah look the ex this is a bit of a tricky one isn’t it becausethe pixel 5 is rumored to be 699 and629 euros depending on you know how accurate these sources areum that’s going to be substantially cheaper than the xperia 5 mark ii which is going to be 949um is that an issue.

we know from our tests with the pixel 4 versus the onemark ii that the google approach isvery very different the images are not natural in the way that the the sonyones are they are kind of uh almost supernaturalthey’re they are beautiful striking imagesespecially at night time but it’s a very very different approachalso the google approach is obviously all about auto mode the phone does the work not you it’s completely different to the sony approach but i do worry that pixel is going to do well here.

the pixel 5 with that lower price pointit’s going to be we think a six inch deviceonly 90 hertz probably again full hd oled just like the sony two lenses onthe back obviously not the triple camera setup that we getwith the sony 5g as well i don’t know how do you thinkthe xperia 5 mark ii compares there with the pixel 5um and also let’s move over now to the iphone lineup for 2020.

actually one thing i should have mentioned there with thepixel 5 is that it’s likely we’re going to get aqualcomm snapdragon 765 g processorthere is no way in the world i cannot imagine that would beanywhere close to as fast as the 865 that we’re getting in the five markii so that’s a massive thing to bear in mind of courseso the iphone 12 is going to be 5.4 inches and the max we think is going to be 6.1 um are we going to get the 120 hertz refresh rate.

we get on the xperia 5 mark ii i don’t knowwe no one knows really i think it’s possiblebut i would be surprised a14 bionic chip okay we know that’s going to be absolutely rapid probably the fastest um of any device inthe world this year um four gigs of ram i i don’teven want to really compare that because i mean apple it’s all very different isn’t it with optimization thereum but what is interesting though is that we are looking at potentially a 699dollar price tag for the regular iphone 12 and going upto 799 potentially for the 12 max.

Sony Xperia 5 II – Good Enough to Beat the Pixel 5 & iPhone 12 Series?

Sony Xperia 5 II – Good Enough to Beat the Pixel 5 & iPhone 12 Series?

but that is obviously a lot less than thethe five mark ii what worries me is that the regularuh if you like regular sized 12 pro is likely to be one zero four nineus dollars 1049 us dollars now if that’s trueit’s only a hundred dollars more than the five mark iiuh probably a 6.1 inch device although we’re not sure at this point of courseso that gives you an idea as to how these phones stack up what i want to know of course is um which ones you would go for if they wereall spread out on a table in front of you.

you had the money in your pocket which one would you chooseanyway enough of my voice let’s go to my outroso what have we learned from this video well one thing we’ve learned is thatboth andres and i are mental enough to get up in themiddle of the night and do these videos you know we don’t need sleep and thesecond thing is that actually it’s a little bit tough isn’t it withthe xperia here on pricing versus features against some of the upcoming competition.

what i want to know is if it was your money on the line which one of these phones would you buy would you go for the five mark ii or do you think you’re getting better value from either google or apple or any other manufacturer for that matter you know do let me know in the comments section below to this artical. i will see you there as ever thank you so much for reading this artical.

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