Switch From iphone to Android

Switch From iphone to Android

Switch From iphone to Android

Well it’s been over a year now since i switched from using an iPhone as my primary mobile device to using an android device specifically the Pixel 4 xl and in this artical, i’m going to walk you through one why i switched to what i like about android better than iOS 3.

what are some things i miss about using iOS and then i’m going to take you through why someone may want to switch between phone os’s how easy is it to switch in between android and iOS and then i’ll walk you through my decision making process on whether or not.

i’m going to stick with android or if i’m going to switch back to iOS let’s dive in so why did i originally switch to a Pixel 4 xl last year and move from my iPhone a couple of reasons one as part of the team Pixel influencer program.

i get the latest Pixels from google and i was curious to see what using one as my main phone would be like two i was tired of the same basic user interface of the iPhone that hadn’t changed all that much over the years.

it was just a grid of apps you had multiple pages that you had to scroll through or just folders everywhere and i was just tired of it i wanted something that felt new and fresh and android offers that to a certain extent finally i wanted to use a phone that had the google assistant as the default assistant.

i predominantly use google services because i find them incredibly useful they’re great and they work directly with the google assistant that integration

is just tighter than what you get with Siri and at the time that i switched the google assistant could play music and media from Spotify and youtube music.

which even today Siri can’t do you have to add the phrase on Spotify or on youtube music when asking Siri to play music from those services so when i finally got the Pixel 4 xl last year it had enough of the experience i wanted where i was like okay i’m gonna finally do it.

i’m switching to an android device so what do i really love about android well first part of it is it’s just a bit different from iOS in its user experience when you’ve been using the same software year after year sometimes you just want a change you.  

want to make it feel fresh that’s at least how i felt towards android when i switched i find the notification system in android is better it’s easier to quickly swipe away notifications they’re automatically sorted into conversations 
your regular notifications.

then silent notifications which i think is really smart also being able to set certain contacts through apps like messenger messages etc as a priority contact so they show up at the top and you definitely get notified anytime they message you is really smart.

the google assistant is faster on the Pixel specifically and does a lot of the processing for your requests on the device itself which allows google to implement some pretty awesome features like call screen where the assistant will screen incoming calls from unknown numbers or it’ll wait on hold for you.

when you call customer support for a company and will notify you when the customer support person is there the call screen feature basically eliminated all spam calls from ringing my phone which was a huge benefit another thing.

i love about android is its integration with google cast devices like google nest speakers and speaker groups at the os level like when you cast from google podcasts to a google nest speaker group and then no matter where you are in the phone’s.

if you hit either the volume up or down button it’ll control the volume of the speaker group you’re casting to i use my google speakers to play music and podcasts constantly especially during the pandemic so this feature has been really nice to have android still has better customizable options on their home screen.

you’re not forced to have an app at the top left corner like you are on iOS which i appreciate android also has an app drawer which i found to be a much better UX design decision than forcing everybody to just have pages of grids of apps or force you to put apps into a ton of folders.

now iOS 14 has significantly closed the gap in terms of home screen customization with the new app library feature widgets and the ability to have a clean home screen even some of google’s own widgets are nicer on iOS than they are on android.

so there’s definitely less of a difference between their two than there used to be a couple of other things i really like about android are those little app icons that appear at the top left corner of the screen letting you know that you have a notification from that app in general i do like that android is a more open os i’m able to customize it more.

i can freely download things outside of the play store if i wish to though in reality i do have to admit i basically downloaded everything i have on my android phone through the play store which is owned by google so in reality i’ve just used my android phone exactly. 

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