The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin Type in winter 2020-2021

The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin Type in winter 2020-2021

The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin Type in winter 2020-2021

Hi. today’s topicis all about moisturizers. We get a lot of questions around what moisturizer to pick and around skin types, and actually, a little bit of what kind of ingredients should you be looking for, or what is missing in the skin when you have different types of skin types like dry, combination, sensitive, and oily.

I’m sure there’s a few of you out there that are dealing with dry skin. And dry skin is one of those little, finicky ones because you can sometimes look like you’re dry or feel like you’re dry, but it might be just that you’re missing a little bit of water in your skin.

So we will touch base for that with moreon a combination. But thinking dried, a dry skin generally just means that your skin just doesn’t have a lot of oil in it. And we need to just put the oil in it, so it makes it very easy to identify really good ingredients.

So you want to look for moisturizers that do have a nice, rich oil content to them, and that are going to help really protect that barrier function in your skin. And then once it’s all balanced, everything will start to settle. And this is also where you’re going to seeless redness because we do see the appearance of redness when the skin is dry.

So if you are noticing a bit of that blot chiness or discoloration in the skin, it could be that your skin just needs alittle bit of a dose of more rich moisturizer or some lipid, meaning oil. I’ve got a couple of favorite suggestions here for you. Let’s reach one down here, okay. The Monoi Age Corrective Night Cream. This is good for face and neck as well because you do definitely want to make sure you’re doing allof it all the way through.

But as it mentioned, it is age corrective, so this will help minimize the appearance of your fine lines and wrinkles as well, which also can be a little bit more amplified when you are a drier skin type. And also just something to consider that even maybe in your youth, might have had a really nice, normalized, and very comfortable skin.

You may not have needed to use as rich of a moisturizer in the past, but also consider that as the decades go by and as time passes, we can also see different types of environmental stressors, so we’re exposed to maybe more temperature changes and fluxes within inside our home environment or work environment.

The change of your climate can also affect the amount of oil that your skin is producing, or how it’s sitting on top of the skin. So even though you may not be extremely dry or of the drier skin, just also some good things to consider as time is passing that your skin may feel a little bit drier just through time, so you may want to reach for night time products.

So that’s why this is a really greatone to speak about because, at night, it’s very important to recognize that you actually lose more water when you’re sleeping, that’s overall in body health, so you’ll wake up a little bit drier, or sometimes you might even feelextra oily, meaning your skin is trying to work overtime to get it going.

So again, a really good rich moisturizer with great oils in it will help balance it and regulate it across the board. Age Corrective, great collection. Actually, inside this collection isone of our number one selling products, which is the Bamboo Firming Fluid. So if you like that one, you’re really going to love this one as well. It does slip and slide quite well.

It does get a nice oil out. And what I mean by that is that you always just need a very small amount. So here’s a good example of how much you would use with the spatula. And if you work it into your hand, allow the natural body heat of your hands, you’ll find that as I work it through, it’s not going to leave a white film on the skin.

Actually, I hope this reads well for you. But you’re going to see that it’s got a little bit more of a sheen, and it just kind of, what I like to say, like, it oils out, so it feels really rich, really luxurious. And so, as you’re applying it onto the skin, you’ll have no drag either.

So if you are on the drier side, you also might find that your skin just feels a little bit more drag, or it’s notas smooth when you’re rubbing your hands on, so this will just glide, and make it feel very comfortable. So by all means, give that one a shot. The other one I have here is actually inour top 10, very effective, and that’s our beautiful, just straight-up Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer. This one will be fantastic for the day.

So the Monoi, brilliant for night to really give you that extra protection from the loss of water, but this is going to help keep everything intact through out the day. And if you do like to wear makeup, or powders, or anything on the skin after wards, you’re not going to have any drag or any clumping here either. You’re going to geta beautiful smooth finish.

Scent profile, the Monoi is a little bitmore on the floral side, and, of course, the Coconut literally smells like you’re on vacation. So even if you just want a little bit of touch of holiday every morning, this is a great place to go, and with Coconut, which are natural lipids or oils, you’re going get that replenishment that you’re looking for.

Now, for those that are above that, and are like, Natalie, that’s still not enough. I’m still super dry. I live, like, in the highest climate. The temperatures are crazy. It’s, like, always dry. My face cracks. No worries. There’s hope. My best solution is grab a facial oil, so you could still use the Monoi, you could still use the Coconut, or you could pick any of our other rich moisturizers on the scale. And then you would just apply that, then wait for about, I don’t know, 30 seconds or so, and then literally, get your facial.

What do I have out here? I’ve got the Rosehip Triple C+EFirming Oil because why not, why not firm it up at the same time? But this is a beautiful, high lipid facial oil. Literally watch. One, two, that’s it. You really don’t need any more than that. Always start slow and grow, okay. And the same thing, you cansee this beautiful oil out.

Now, remember, press the oil all over the top. You don’t need to rub,just press it because the oil will travel across the moisturizer. Do I put it on before? Do I put it on after? As always, just play with it. Try the oil first, then your moisturizer over the top. Decide or reverse it and then you can decide on the finish you like. Both ways will give you the benefit that you’re looking for.

So there’s the tip for dry skin. I’m really curious to see what you are doing at home to help quench the dryness of your own dry skin. Let’s talk about combination. That’s a tricky one because combinations like you have half of one-one, and half of another, or sometimes we have,like, dry, dry-dry on the cheeks and really, really oily in the chin, and then normal everywhere else.

That’s what combination is. Combination means that you have a variety of different types of oil secretions, just think that. You’re always working with how much oil orhow much moisture do we have in the skin, will lead you to the drier orto the more oily side of things. So if you have a combination skin type,a really good way to identify this and where those oilier spots are or the drier, just take a look at the pore size.

So if you’re checking your skin out in the mirror, take a really good look, and maybe do like a little bit of a, like atour of your skin, and really start to look on the side, and go, “Okay, how large are my pores here?” And then look directly down into the T-zone.

Don’t forget to lift up a little bit so you could see with inside the chin, and tip down a bit so that you canactually take a look if there’s any reflection of how the pores are catching the light, will also give you a really good indicator of where you’re going to be applying either specific product or which moisturizer that’s going to bewell-rounded to cover all the bases.

The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin Type in winter 2020-2021

The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin Type in winter 2020-2021

So, much like I was talking about with dry skin through time and as we age, the skin is going to change,so we may see different types of oiliness either accelerate in certain areas of the skin, or it’s going to decrease. So keep an eye on that, that you do have to revisit your moisturizing choices for combination skin types.

I would do that every couple of years, just double-check to see if you’re still maintaining what you need it to be doing. And I love to look for moisturizers that are what they call balancing moisturizers. So that makes a lot of sense. If we have a combination skin type, we have multiple things going on.

Our goal is to balance it all out, so that we have a nice, even, and toned complexion with minimized pores at the same time. So here’s some identifiers. You may be a T-zone that has just a littlebit here in the chin, and then the rest is normal to dry, or you might find, I call them, like, the multiple Ts. So one, it could be like here, you might have another one that runs…let’s get this right, like, up across the whole area, so the nose and including the tops of your cheeks andthen we might have this other here.

So we can run it in different letter Tsacross the area to determine how much oil your skin has, and you can play with it. Number one, I do tend to leanmore towards finding a serum first. So if you’re more oily, you mightget some breakouts or congestion, then I’d just use, like, the Clear Skin Booster Serum is really great that you could use, or you could put onour Acne Advanced Hydrator as a layer under neath to really regulate that, andthen continue with a beautiful moisturizer for a balancing effect.

And if not, so that’s just a little tip if you tend to have more problem skin type as well as having the combination. And I really stay nice and simple, so I mentioned a serum. And we’re always looking to balance and our beautiful Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Serum, if you’ve used this before, this is a must.

This is actually in my top pieces that I tell my clients to have in their home care routine. You always want to make sure you have water in your routine, and that’s exactly what this is going to do for you. It’s going to make sure that you have ample amount of water and plumping into your skin so the side effect is fantastic.

You get this beautiful, soft, and plump, and almost like a little pillow in the skin so really good base to begin before your moisturizer. And some of you out there already might be using this but our Eight Greens Whip Moisturizer. This is probably one of my top combination skin care moisturizers. You might be tricked at first because it is a little bit more moisturizing or weighted.

It’s going to feel more weighted than you’re anticipating for a combination but not to worry. Again, start slow and grow. So you can just use a very small amount, again, and then when you’re doing your application, feel free, because here he is. I’m just going to barely put it in just so you can seea little bit of that. The design of it is going to be a little heavier, but assoon as you start to work it through the skin, it’s just going to disappear and soak in.

Now, my tip, if you feel like it is just a little bit rich, just add a little bit of water, makes it super easy and just changes the texture, but you don’t get a change in the effectiveness of this moisturizer, so great for balancing. And it doesn’t matter where you are in the aging process of your skin, Eight Greens is fantastic. It’s going to do a little bit of everything for you. Sensitive. I think, sensitive is tricky.

What defines a sensitive skin is skins that had the appearance of redness, just easily gets annoyed. Some of us might have allergies, so it could be seasonal. It could just be the air that we’re in. The skin just might feel a bit tighter. It’s just not on point,and multiple things can affect the skin to create more of a sensitivity or give you this appearance of redness, so we’re always going to look for a moisturizer that is going to be balancing for one.

But we want to make sure that it’s going to calm and or soothe the skin so that the complexion is very even in tone. And you never can go wrong with anything from our Biodynamic Collection. For that skin type in particular, the Biodynamic is one of our premium collections in the brand and one of my ultimate go-tos.

The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin Type in winter 2020-2021

The Best Moisturizer For Your Skin Type in winter 2020-2021

I have little samples of this all the time. I always get my samples, and I carry this with me because I have multiple moisturizers. I can’t have everything. But definitely, one of my favorite SOS’s because my skin can get sensitive and sensitized. The fragrant is very low. It’s very gentle, so if you are a little bit more sensitive to scent, not that Eminence products are…Oh, it’s brand spanking new one, how nice is that. Nice and sealed.

You literally need to use almost three times less with Biodynamic than you do with any of the other Eminence products. And that just shows to show it’ll last you a really long time. And you can still do the application like everything else, but you’re going to find the Apricot Calendula is like silk. It goes on, no rubbing needed. It just glides directly on the skin so perfect if you’re sensitive because you may not want to do a lot more rubbing and create any extra redness in your skin.

But it has beautiful properties, and it takes us a little bit back to the Hungarian roots by introducing the calendula in there as well. So fragrant, very low, very low color, so perfect for any of you who are sensitive out there. Another one you can never go wrong with, and most of you may be already familiar with, this is our beautiful Calm Skin Collection products. And this is the Calm Skin, and it says itin the name, the Chamomile Moisturizer, so Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer, really beautiful.

But this one has a little bit more density to it, so it is going to be a little bit on the heavier side, and not heavy, meaning that it’s horrible and weighted, you’re going to be all greasy, just meaning that it’s got a little bit more weight in the skin when it slides across. So it’s going to give you better barrier, and really help protect the skin from feeling so irritated.

So you have a really good opportunity to choose whatever is going to be your best match, so our beautiful Apricot Calendula or our gorgeous Calm Skin Chamomile Moisturizer. So those are, definitely be my first go-tos. Last but not least, oh, our problem skin, right, ones that tend to be more me, me, a little bit more on the oilier side, could maybe get a blemish or two.

I don’t want to really talk about the blemish or the acne end of things, I just want to speak directly to someone who is really just a true oily skin. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get a breakout or a blemish from time to time, but just know that there are a lot of us out there that are just a true oily skin, so we don’t see any marks on the skin.

We just have a lot of extra oil, and our pores can look quite large as well. So most of us, or any of my clients who are truly oily, really don’t want to put anything heavy on the skin. They want to feel something light weight. They want to feel that the skin is a little bit more modified, and they want to also see some pore refining going on.

So I’ve got two here for you that I wanted to bring to our attention is, of course, our beautiful gorgeous Mangosteen Gel Moisturizer. And it is a gel moisturizer, and it is lightweight, so you really do need to use a small amount of this one. And you will see high levels of hydration, so your skin will look really nice, and smooth, and supple, plus you’re also going to have pore minimizing benefits.

And if you really want to take it to the next level, you can always use a serum before hand. You’re definitely using, the Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster-Serum is very effective, and then you could just apply this on the top. It’ll just create a little bit more ofa mattifying effect if that’s the direction you’d like to go in. And then, of course, you can never go wrong with our other beautiful classic signature Stone Crop Hydrating Gel.

This is very convenient becauseit comes in a nice pump. And I just always want to remind everybody with pumps, I find two is plenty. It is a gel, and it is a succulent plant, so it does have a little bit more glide and slide when you first go to apply it. Allow it to soak in.

So if you want to put anything over thetop of this one like a sunscreen or even do a powder, allow this one to go into theskin before you do that just because it is the type of gel it is, and it isthe stonecrop plant which is a succulent, very beneficial forminimizing the appearance of dark spots.

We have the four big hitters that I get asked all the time, and hopefully, this gives you a little bit of directionon the best moisturizers to choose for you. And we would really love to hear a little bit more from you, and as I mentioned, you probably heard me talk about ou rbeautiful Mangosteen Gel Moisturizer.

If you want to take a photo of yourself, chit chat a little bit about Mangosteen, so pop onto our website if you want tolearn a little bit more about our Mangosteen products, just maybe, you’ll see your photograph show up on our Eminence Instagram. So there it is. So good luck with your campaign.

Can’t wait to see what you are sharing and also any of your favorite moisturizers that you’re using now to work with the skin condition or skin type that you do have. i hope this artical helpfull for you. share it with your friends. thankyou.

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