The Truth About The iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Truth About The iPhone 12 Pro Max

The Truth About The iPhone 12 Pro Max

this is my long-term review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max after using it for almost two months. I was fortunate enough to get this a little bit earlier than the release date and I’ve been using it every single day since.

Now as always, with my longer term reviews, I don’t go over too many specs. I’ve already covered those in my unboxing artical. In this artical, I’m going to be
talking about my experience,

what I like about the iPhone 12 Pro Max, what I don’t like about it and what I think can be improved. but I will try to leave some time stamps down below. You’ll want to watch it all ’cause I’ll be covering lots of detail.

Plus, I mean, it’s the holidays. You don’t really have much else to do, right? No, just me? Anyway, so let’s get to it. Now to give you some background initially about my personal usage,

I’ve been using iPhones for many, many years and I have two sim cards. One sim card sits in my iPhone and the other sim card sits in my Android phone and I think this gives me a pretty unique perspective because I get to use both platforms.

So I will be doing some brief comparisons to some features that I have experienced on the Android side of things, which I would also like to see on the iPhone side of things, but this is not going to be a comparison. Right.

So let’s get to it. The first thing I want to talk about is the display. So the iPhone 12 Pro Max has an excellent display. It’s very sharp, bright, vibrant. Love the colors and it’s very color accurate as well.

I’ve not really noticed any display issues on the iPhone 12 Pro Max and it does give you a great viewing experience, especially on that larger screen. It’s also a very durable display.

You may have heard that it uses sheramic shield. Ceramic shield. I always get that wrong. Anyway, Apple don’t even call this glass and it’s supposed to be the toughest display on any smartphone.

Now I’m not somebody who does drop tests, but we’ve seen lots of other YouTubers do drop tests and ceramic shield definitely does live up. It is certainly a lot more drop-resistant.

However, it’s not anymore scratch-resistant from what I’ve found. So if you do want to keep your iPhone in pristine condition, then you might want to consider picking up a screen protector.

Now a couple of things that I would’ve liked to have seen on the iPhone 12 Pro Max display. Firstly, a higher refresh rate screen. This is currently 60 hertz. You may already know that a lot of the competition have much higher refresh rates.

You’re looking at averagely around 120 hertz, which is double the refresh rate of an iPhone. And for those of you who are not too familiar with this, it essentially gives you a much smoother viewing experience,

especially when you are scrolling through your feeds. If you’re gaming at a high refresh rate, things just feel that much smoother. We do have a pro motion display on the iPad Pros and those displays, I absolutely love.

And although if you are coming from a previous iPhone, it’s not really something that you’re going to miss. It is something that I would’ve liked to have seen.

Another thing that I would’ve really liked to have seen on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is an always on display. This is something that I’m used to seeing on many other devices.

If you have one of the recent Apple Watches, then you may already be used to an always on display too. And essentially, what an always on display gives you is some very useful information without actually having to physically wake the display.

So if I have my iPhone on my desk, for instance, and I pop out the room for a little bit, I come back, if somebody’s called me and I’ve missed that call, then until I pick up the device and have a look,

I’m not going to know that I’ve missed that call whereas if I had an always on display, I’d be able to see maybe a small icon of any missed calls or notifications and then I could decide to pick my iPhone up. And that is so, so convenient for me.

And this is an OLED display, so I don’t think there’s any technical reasons why you couldn’t have it. Yes, it would affect the battery life very slightly, but it’s something that I’m hoping Apple can introduce with future updates.

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