Tips on how to trim your bangs when you are in between salon visits

Tips on how to trim your bangs when you are in between salon visits

Tips on how to trim your bangs when you are in between salon visits

As you can see by the title. Today we’re gonna do something very drastic! So I’ve been contemplating getting a fringethe whole of this year and a fringe isn’t something to take lightly. The last time I had a fringe it took about4 years to grow out completely. http://beauty

And the time I had a fringe before that Iactually cut it myself and it looked… well… it looked awful. But today! I’m going to cut my fringe again because I’ma woman now and I can do this. Wow I look like Boris Johnson! I’m someone who has always put a lot of weighton my hair in feeling good about myself.

And today I just thought let’s mix thingsup! And if it looks really bad… I can just buy a hat. Let’s give me a motherflipping fringe. So from all the tutorials I’ve seen you needto make a triangle here. This is honestly harder than I thought itwas going to be already.

So I’ve been thinking about getting a fringefor the whole of this year but I know that when you get a fringe it’s often a sign thatyou’re going through something- Wow this is a look! It’s a sign that you’re going through somethingand so the only order you can have in your life is by changing your hair. Which is why I’ve spent all year debatingwhether to do this because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t about to just have a breakdown.

I figured we’d start with a whispy fringeand then if I want more I can always cut more. There’s… no going back after this. Ahhh there’s no going back after this. Ahh I’ve just got to do it. For some reason as well in the tutorials I’vewatched people always twist their hair. So we’ll twist it. Right we’ll go. Oh that’s quite cute! Ok let’s just tidy this up a bit.

Oh my gosh this is really cute. It’s very whispy. I feel like on the camera it’s not lookingas- it looks really cute here but I feel like on the camera it just looks a bit-I’ve got this huge gap here. Ok let’s work this out. I posted a poll on my instagram which is partlywhy I decided that I really wanted to do this. Where I sort of folded my hair here and itlooked like this.

It’s really cute! I’m so excited by this. I’m currently editing this video and I’verealised I say cute WAY too many times. Why couldn’t I think of another word. Bonus points if you can count how many timesI say ‘cute’ because I gave up. I don’t just want to mess it up now. Now I’m wondering if there’s enough hair onthis side… I just don’t know.

Ok let’s get this triangle back. There is literally the same amount of hair. Sksksksks and I oop and I oop. Well there we have it and I bet you thoughtwe were probably finished there. But we’re not. I also need to cut the rest of my hair asI haven’t has a hair cut in ages. Oh wow this is so strange! So I’m thinking we take about that much offbecause my hair is just- it’s just dead really. Ok. Ok, how short do we want it? Maybe about here. Here goes nothing. Oh my gosh it’s like a make up brush.

This is so weird! Ok we’ll go for the other side. Every time I watch a video of someone cuttingtheir hair this always happens so I don’t know why I did that. These are very uneven. I’m trying to get this not gappy. I feel like I look a bit like Natasia Demetrioufrom Stath Lets Flats and What We Do in the Shadows. Now I just need to get to the point whereI stop trying to fix it and get to the point where I cut off more than I wanted initially.

Tips on how to trim your bangs when you are in between salon visits

Tips on how to trim your bangs when you are in between salon visits

These are actual hairdressing scissors whichI think has given me an advantage in getting a better cut. I asked these as a birthday present from mymum in my first year of university because I didn’t want to be paying for haircuts. And I actually sliced my finger with them. So that’s a fun uni tale for you! The final step! I went into Bleach London and I said I wantto do something with my hair. And they suggested this.

Which is is a grey toner to put on the ends. I don’t know if it’ll even take because myhair is not actually that light but this is my hair transformation so let’s give it ago. I’m obviously not a fan of using single useplastics but there’s no alternative actually available. Hey Siri. Set a timer for 15 minutes. Ok 15 minutes and counting. Thank you! I look like Dwight from The Office. I’m going to need to perfect the art of thefringe flick again.

Are you ready? Are you ready? ‘Sorry Snoopy, you can’t go with us. Dogs aren’t allowed on the school bus!… Woof’ There we have it. I really like this fringe. I quite like this as a middle parting. I think it looks really cute I almost looklike first-year Hermione Granger. I used to keep accidentally leaning on myhair when it was longer and I’d end up pulling my neck like that. So this is going to be a lot more manageable.

I’m not sure about the length yet but it’shair and it’ll grow but the fringe! Yeah I think when I tie it up it’ll look quitecute! And I’m happy with it. I think I did a good job. It’s so fluffy! It’s just started to rain and go and make a hot chocolate. It’s Libra season… whatever that means. So thank you for watching, please rememberto subscribe and like the video and I might see you next week! Who knows what life is going to throw at me.

haircuts you should never consider getting

haircuts you should never consider getting

A fresh new haircut can do wonders to enhanceyour mood and self-confidence. But when a trip to the salon goes south, ittakes a long time to get past a bad mop chop. “Oh my god, oh my god!” “Oh my god, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” It’s important to always consider your hairtype and face shape when picking out a potential cut, but there are also some styles that arepretty much never going to be flattering to anyone.

To save you the extended headache of havingto grow out a terrible cut, here are some shearing options you should always avoid atthe stylist. Wannabe lob This in-between cut is not quite a bob andnot quite long enough to style. The result is that it ends up hanging limplybeside your face like a pack of dried out spaghetti noodles. If you want the lob look, keep the lengthconsistent throughout.

Your strands should be short enough to shapeyour face and still long enough to tuck behind your ears. In other words, don’t try stacking your hairin the back if you want some length in the front, too. It’ll end up looking dated and lopsided. Tugging a tail If you want to keep your hair long, be carefulabout too many layers in the front. The slant trim to frame your face used tobe a go-to for girls in the early aughts, but it has not aged well at all.

Part of the reason the look hasn’t lastedis that it’s very difficult to style and leaves your ends frizzing out. Not only that, the heavier bottom layer inthe back ends up looking like a tail. If you want to add a little oomph and densityto a long ‘do, just make sure you’re getting layers put in throughout to keep it consistent.

Disney Princess ‘do Shampoo commercials might make mermaid-lengthhair look nice, but in reality, managing such a massive mane can be quite difficult. And even if you are able to find the extratime it’ll take to shampoo and style all that extra hair, it still may age you. Super long hair is also hard to style, sinceeven flexible hair tends to fall with so much weight beneath it.

The result is that you end up with a densemop up top that takes twice the time and looks half as good as if you’d maxed out at shoulderblade length. Big bangs Bangs tend to float in and out of style prettyquickly for a couple of reasons. Sure, there’s something very elegant abouthaving a soft layer swept to the side to accent your face, but they also require some dedicatedattention to styling.

haircuts you should never consider getting

haircuts you should never consider getting

And full-coverage bangs are even trickierto maintain because they can grow too long in the blink of an eye and conceal importantparts of your face. For women who have wider facial frames, too,bangs can make your face look thicker. So, for those with forehead management concerns,prepare to devote some serious time and energy to making your bangs work.

But for those who have large cheeks or a shortchin, think twice before you bang it up. The awkward stage of growing them back outis not worth the fun of experimenting with them. Tight tendrils For most people, perms are as distant a culturalmemory as leg warmers and stocky shoulder pads. But there are still some women who insisttheir hairdresser pull out the tiniest hot rods to give them tight curls.

“How do I look?” “I don’t know how to answer that.” Most stylists worth their salt would shudderat the very prospect. But if you insist on getting a permanent putinto your hair, opt for something a little softer, like beach waves or loose curls. Otherwise, you might end up looking like awalking, talking ’80s yearbook photo and your hair will be unhealthy and brittle to boot.

Reverse mullet It might have been her eight children thatearned Kate Gosselin some small screen time, but it was her terrible haircut that landedher on everybody’s “what was she thinking” list. This mixed-pixie look came into favor withadult women a few years back but has since been buried in the “never again” pile — forgood reason.

It might be low-maintenance and even fun tospike the back while still boasting some substance up front, but combined, it’s a chaotic messthat doesn’t belong in this century … or any time period for that matter. If you want a swept spike, go for a classicpixie. If you want the volume only on top, try apompadour on for size. But avoid the reverse mullet at all costs.

Even Jennifer Lawrence had to learn that lessonthe hard way. Home haircut When time or money is tight, it may be temptingto reach for your shears and try to give yourself a trim in the mirror. But this is a massive no-no. Even if you have low-maintenance hair anda steady hand, it’s rarely possible to cut your own locks without messing up the symmetryor style.

So, if you’re in desperate need of an out-of-salonsnip, at least hand the scissors over to a trusted pal instead of trying to go it alone. If not, you may end up paying for that hair cut anyway — in more ways than one.

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