Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design. what’s going on guys John Santos andtoday we made it into downtown LA and we’re gonna show you guys how to start aclothing line with no money that’s right haters will say it can’t be done but inthis video.

I’m gonna show you the exact steps resources and information that youneed to launch and build a brand and business from the comfort of your homealright so let’s jump into this video but before we do that make sure you hitthat subscribe button if you’re a new visitor. http://technology

this channel let’s get going this video is brought to you by The Ground Up Academy an online trainingprogram and community designed to help build your brand and business from theground up take advantage. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

the free online training mentioned at the end ofthis video to jump-start your clothing line well they said it couldn’t be donein this video we literally just took our art files for the collection that we’redesigning and we’re gonna make.

it in real time to show you guys howmade-to-order works and how you can leverage this technology in this new wayto actually build and launch a clothing line with no money down.

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

the legit wayall right so let’s head on over here to get started on that process and what’simportant to note is that during this process you need to find the rightpartners and the right people in order to help you fulfill that all right sotoday we’re here Oh likewise thanks for having us here.

I was speaking witheverybody about the importance of made-to-order but what better way to getit than from the man himself Thanks so if you’re looking to start a clothingline and want to keep things legit. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

I would definitely consider doing amade-to-order type of process it’s essentially where you’re getting orderson your website and in the back end you’re working with a partner that’sfulfilling those orders as you’re getting them the benefits tomade-to-order is that it reduces your upfront capital risk.

you’re not shellingout a ton of cash upfront to go and get product made and said you’re justkeeping even right so as cash is coming in you’re spending cash to make productsthe second thing is major orders like a really fast process so it lets yourapidly prototype designs. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

test out thingsfind out what’s gonna work for you for your brand for the niche market you’regoing after and then as soon as you find something that works scale it up reallyseamlessly and then.

the third thing is focus focus focus so by working with apartner to get your products created you don’t get sucked into all themanufacturing and stocking things in your closet and every day you’re openingup your laptop and shipping orders those are all the things that. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

you absolutelyneed to do to have a clothing line but if you’re doing those things you’re notfocused on marketing sales and really growing the clothing line so it’s it’s areally good way to get started it starts with.

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

the DTG guysso the DTG is essentially direct-to-garment printing and weliterally created these orders earlier this morning in order for them to getfulfilled right here as. http://women

we’re making this video so throughout this video youguys will see that let’s jump in to check it out so as you can see this isartwork that we submitted it’s getting into the system here and this DTGprinter is actually reading those files and it’s gonna print full-color qualityphoto onto a t-shirt. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

we provided and that they actually are able tosource and you could choose from online what’s going on right now literally wesent our design over this guy just laid the t-shirt down and it’s gettingprinted right now as we’re speaking okay so this is all being done in real timeand DTG allows.

you to essentially print full color on any garment whether it’scotton polyester or any blends and it’s key as you guys are building amade-to-order brand and an e-commerce brand there itis guys it’s one part of many that come in to actually creating your owncollection using made to order now. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

it’s important to note that this video isalso a part of a full course that we have available which is also going to belinked down below so if you guys are really interested in building out yourbrand and you need the resources additional suppliers or perhaps a littlebit more help definitely make sure.

you consider checking that out butbefore we get to all of that I want to show you guys this entire process toreally help you see how you could build your brand with no moneyalright so let’s head on over to the other side of this Iguys so what you’re seeing right here is the actual dryer.

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

the during thedrying process the artwork that was applied with the DTG is actually curedinto the shirt allowing the shirt design to last all right so I’m actually likegetting ahead of myself but I really want to grab it right now there it ischeck it out.

this is one of the designs that we submitted and as you could seethis is obviously just a black on white design comes out super clean and youwouldn’t be able to really tell the difference if this was screen printed ordirect-to-garment printed which is the beauty of using. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

a direct to garmentprinter to make the designs you’re not limited by the colorways obviously thiswas just a simple black and white one but we have a full-color one coming outright now what’s important to note is that you want to make sure that youcreate. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

a collection that’s cohesive and later on in this video we’re gonna jumpinto those details as well as to what you really need to consider todesign the collection that’s gonna sell online now if you were to do this designon a screen print you.

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

now have two different colors which they would chargeyou a screen charge alright so just out of the gate being realistic you guyswould have to pay $50 just to create one sample all right by using Apliiq or amade-to-order system.

you are able to design all of these different appareldesigns and literally you don’t have to make them until they’re sold that’s thekey with building your brand with zero dollars is in using. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

the funds in theright way all right so instead of spending athousand dollars on a hundred screen printed shirts you can use thosethousand dollars to actually go market your brand and start making the salesand then the shirts are being made at the same timeisn’t that genius so that’s.

the beauty of working with a supplier like Apliiqand utilizing a platform such as Shopify and we’re literally going to show howthat is all made in a few minutes right upstairs right now what we want to showyou guys is how the labeling and how. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

the affixing of those labels helps createyour brand cool guys so now that we had the DTG completed the next step that Ifeel is very it’s very original – what Apliiq does is the labeling of yourgarments so I constantly get questions like.

“John how do I apply my own labelsto the garments how do I you know like I’m using blank t-shirts how do Iactually put my own brand in them so people don’t know that I’m using blankt-shirts? ” Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

well what Apliiq does here is theyactually relabel your apparel which is which is genius because it allows you touse blank apparel to actually build your brand and what I want to show you guysright.

now is that process so as you guys can see right here they’re taking thedesign that we just quickly mocked up in order to apply it and show you guys thisexample and this label machine makes it right on the spot when she has thislabel she’s able to take. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

the shirt order that you put in and easily affixes it toit so it keeps a clean look and your customers will never know that you’rejust using a different brand so this is one key selling point when it comes toapplique and over other drop shipping and fulfillment companies is that theydo offer this service to fully private label your own brand and as you guys cansee.

I created the mock-ups and we sent these mock-ups over last minute so let’ssee how it comes out there it is guys check it out just came out really cleanthe team actually made this here for us this morning because.

I didn’t have achance to order the woven labels but as you guys could see comes out super freshand this is your own branded t-shirt alright you guys so now that you guyssee how the DTG process and the labeling process for your apparel line works.

the next thing that you need to consider in order to build out your brand’s productsis embroidery now the embroidery process is one that allows you to really getcreative with how your embroider but there are some limitations right yeahdefinitely embroidery is great for any fleece products.

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

so that would be a crewneck sweatshirt and hoodies and joggers andthat type this up as well as head wear so it’s definitely the go-toembellishment way or way to get your artwork on hats caps all that type ofstuff in general there are some restrictions with embroidery so you’lljust want to manage colors overall meaning.

we want to have a limited set ofcolors obviously embroider is created by stitching your designs into things andyou don’t have an unlimited palette to work from and then just overall designcomplexity you can’t embroider something like aphotograph.

it just needs to have like illuminate amount of like fine thirdnice illustration or graphic artwork text all those types of things are agreat example you now have your design so with these designs in hand we’regonna run a couple of other designs on different hats with that in hand you arenow closer to fulfilling the order so the orders that.

we submitted here todayare gonna get fulfilled and that’s the next process that we’re getting to is inseeing how the whole entire collection and the line that you created getsfulfilled and shipped to your customers without you having to be here and without.

you having to put out all this money to create everything because thekey strategy here is create designs sell them and then make them and ship them tocollect on your profits alright it’s that simplelet’s head on over to look at.

the film it now so now that you guys have yourapparel printed labeled and you have your head wear embroidered the next stepin actually fulfilling these orders is fulfillment alright and I want to saythat the important thing about fulfillment and about this process.

in the made-to-order process as you guys are building and developing your brandis in finding a supplier that can do this off for youalright so typically you had to kind of piece all of these projects out yourselfso if you wanted to create your own brand you needed to find a blank thatyou could use.

you needed to either screen print your design which requiredyou to actually set up a couple hundred units for production and then youactually need it to find the sower that could sew on your labels well all ofthis is done in-house and as you guys can see there’s ways to also add customwoven labels to the t-shirts.

which fully brand your brand guys so you now nolonger have to take everything on yourself oreven have to put any capital out in order for this to happen all rightthat’s key and starting a clothing line with no money legitimately all right andwe’re going to show you guys this and much more through. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

the Academy and the inthe products that we have available for you guys to purchase as well as thesystem that you guys can access from applique all right this makes itpossible to do all this on your own with littles knowledge and technology as longas you have an idea.

you have a vision for your brand so let’s go checkout how the fulfillment process works so you guys can see that you no longer haveto stack inventory in your mama’s garage or in your apartment and get kicked outby your landlord you can literally do this on.

the go from anywhere that you gofrom your laptop from your cell phone you manage your customers you do thework and promoting it and putting it out to the world which we’re going to shareand then we’re also going to show you guys how this is all done on the backend all right. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

it may seem like a lot butlet’s go check out the fulfillment process so we got some orders here foryou yeah you know sell your order coming through all right so when we’re doingfulfillment but it’s really a two-part process the first part is just always aquality check make sure that.

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

the product that we’re shipping out is the rightproduct so we’ve got our tag set up here and that’ll pull our order up and thisfood we have a ton of software automation to help us make sureeverything’s getting shipped out correctly so for this particular productwe can get it pulled up here you see that.

we have our digital print ourlabeling everything’s good and it’s set in the product so it’s fresh you willtake this tag off and then a big part of the shipping process is just makingeverything look clean and nice so when the customer gets it it’s proper so wewill quickly fold. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

it every individual piece will get polybag so and like aclear plastic mailer like this just to keep the shipment safe when it’s in themail in case it’s raining or snowing somewhere in thecountry you don’t want to you know you don’t want to show up with a wet t-shirtand.

we’ll go and and do this for everyone another big part of thatprocurement processes we will package orders in a gray hall email or you’llsee there’s no branding on it it doesn’t say applique anywhere and you will beable to go here and of course your shipping label has your own branding on it. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

so you see your shipping information can have all of your own company namecompany info same with your packing slip the package zip will always go insidethe package see your customer knows that you know the pieces there is theincentive them.

it’s ready to be fulfilled guys that is the fulfillmentin the creation process that happens right here in app leaks workshop andit’s something that you guys can easily do as you guys are starting your brandwith no money all right so let’s head on upstairs and we’re gonna talk about howyou can actually make this thing happen from the comfort of your home. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

we’regonna share the tools that you need as well as the system and how it operatesall right guys now that we’ve seen how product gets made it’s time to plan outyour collection there’s a lot that goes into collection planning and we’re gonnaboil down the most important details for you remember.

if you’re just startingyour clothing line and you’re going for the lean route we have to adapt a prettytraditional retail strategy to make it work for e-commerce the number onemistake that people make when they’re planning their collections is they tryto go too large.

they they’re thinking 20 or 30 pieces that need to gointo this collection it really comes from traditional fashion and forseasonal collections and creating line sheets and selling through retail andboutique channels but since you are going to be selling direct to yourcustomers through your own online webstore. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

you want to keep yourcollection small you should really be thinking about three to five pieces andreleasing those collections far more rapidly so think about a singlecollection of three to five pieces per monthyou get a lot of benefits out of that.

Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design

the first benefit is that as you go tomarket your collections customers are not going to be overwhelmed by too muchchoice so instead of having to try to make a decision of one of 15 productsthey’ll quickly be able to see your entire collection be able to understandit of course.

you’ve done really good job of building outline cohesion usinglabeling and really making a strong brand impact all of your art work needsto be coordinated so it feels like a cohesive collection as well.

you’llget a lot of e-commerce conversion rate benefit over reducing that overallamount of choice that your customers have to experience as they want tosupport your wine in your collection the second benefit that you’re going to getis you can do things much more quickly instead of coordinating artwork filesfor 20 or 30 different pieces you’re only working with a handful of piecesit’s super manageable.

if you want to do sampling for your own photography needsit’s really cheap and cost-effective to get samples produced for you so that’sthe second benefit that you’re gonna get out of it and third and most importantlyhaving a small collection helps you line up all your marketing efforts that gointo it because as soon as you have your collection finalized and you have yoursamples and your store set up you’re going to want to take that out to socialmedia and start crushing it. Top 10 polynesian graphic style T-shirt design.

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