Top 3 Skin Brightening & Fairness Creams

Top 3 Skin Brightening & Fairness Creams

Top 3 Skin Brightening & Fairness Creams

today i will tell you about “Whitening Creams”. Yes!!! because everyone wants to have fair colour especially in Asian countries. i don’t believe on these Whitening Creams But as u all were insisting, so i decided to write a artical on it in which i m going to tell about few whitening creams but these will surely be not harmful to ur skin.

use these Whitening creams & Lotion

  • Kozilite non oily skin lightening lotion
  • Demelan Cream
  • Lotus anti-aging Cream
  • Ponds Cream

Beauty Tips For Natural Skin

Always remember one thing that, u cannot use these Whitening creams for your whole life and these are effective as long as u r using these. and as u stop using these, u start getting back ur natural skin colour. Secondly if u want to use whitening creams take care of one thing that it should have the ingredients which includes Licorice, Kojic Acid, VIt.c, Niacinamide & Arbutin because these ingredients helps in whitening the skin without causing any damage.

Formula creams like Faiza Beauty cream, or Stillman’s Cream etc. have harmful chemicals which cause skin damage. Now lets talk about the good Whitening Creams. Firstly i will talk about Vitamin C serum. U can buy VitC serum of any brand.

Vitamin C serum helps in improving your skin complexion and can reduce many skin related issues. So its my suggestion that every female must use VItamin C serum. Buy Vitamin C serum and there will be no need of any other Whitening cream.

Other than that, i couldn’t find in Saudia but easily available in Pakistan is “EVENTONE-C” I have checked the ingredients of Eventone C and found every ingredient good. it has Vit c, Niacinamide, Licorice, Glutathione which r good for skin whitening So, yes U can use this Cream. The other whitening cream which is also good is “DEMELAN” and is a product of India.

Buy all these creams Online

U can buy all these creams Online, from any beauty store or pharmacy. Do not use all of them. USe only one at a time. Now lets talk about how to use these Creams? For the best effect of any cream it is important to use it at night before going to sleep because your skin is in relaxation mode at night so the product u have applied gets properly absorbed and functions well.

The proper way to use these creams (after u have selected the right one), is that use them after your “CTM” routine which is Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. Take 2-3 peasize of cream and apply it on ur face in dabbing motion and go to sleep. and if u r using Vitamin C serum than 2-3 drops are more than enough.

Rub Vit C between your hands, apply it on your face and go to sleep. Do this daily once in a day. As i have already said that u cannot use these creams all ur life & a time comes when u have to stop using them So now the point is how u can stop using them. Vit C serum can be used throug out your life as it solves many skin related issues.

U cannot use whitening creams for prolonged period. U may have the desired results in 2-3 months And when u will get the desired results u should stop using these other wise u could become “CASPER-The friendly Ghost) (Cartoons) :P:P One more thing, don;t stop using (Whitening Creams) instantly.

If u apply it daily, better is to apply it every alternative day, then twice a week, then once a week and later U may continue it Once a week. I will suggest u to use DIY masks related to whitening & glowing skin along with these cream. Best way is to Make these masks part of your skincare routine.

Benefit of this is, ur skin would get use to of these masks so when u stop using the whitening creams, ur skin won’t be impacted negatively. And yes u can use these mask through out ur life as they have no side effects 🙂 I have already shared many whitening and glowing masks . which u can check in my playlist “skin and body care”.

Do remember, Some of the side effects of Formula Creams or instant whitening creams are: skin damage in long run, more skin darkening if u stop using these creams, some people complaints about skin thinning, hormonal problem because formula creams r full of steroids resulting in facial hair etc.

So, I will suggest u to avoid these medicated & whitening creams but if u still want to use them then choose one out of the 3, I already mentioned in the artical. To read other articals on skincare guide, Don’t forget to visit my website Take care Remember me in ur prayers. Bye

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