Top 3 Steps to use & Increase 4G Speed In Android Phones – 2021

Top 3 Steps to use & Increase 4G Speed In Android Phones – 2021

Top 3 Steps to use & Increase 4G Speed In Android Phones – 2021

Today in this artical, I’ll share 3 Ways to use 4G only network mode, So guyzz When our phone receive 4G signles in low rate, Our phone convert our network on 3G, This is why our internet speed is to down also not stabled Here in this artical How we use 4G only mode in 4G only mode your mobile never.

convert your network 4G to 3G If you want to learn read this artical till the end Which one method you use? Let’s get start, In this artical we learn 3 ways You can use 4G only mode using this ways.

3 Steps of 4G Settings

  • use your mobile settings
  • Secret app It’s working on all phones
  • Secret mobile code

1: Mobile Setting

How to enable 4G only using settings Open your mobile setting If you use Oppo phone. Click on Dual sim cellular When you open You see preferred Network Type. Here are the Types of Network Auto: When you not receive 4G signles you mobile connected to 3G network Same: 3G to 2G If you see 4G only in this section select them Enable if available. If 4G only not Enabled read my other methods.

2: Mobile App

How we Enable 4G only using mobile app? Open your playstore when you open your play store Type “4G Only” and click on search results are now available. Select this one App by Extremdroid Install it on your phone Check the logo and name carefully Install this app only Click on the app When installation done click on open button.

This is free app..Ads also available Skip ads Click on open Secret setting When you click You see the interface like on my screen Find the drag down menu LTE only mean 4G only Click on it. When you click on it If you want to use 4G only mode Find 4G only Mark on 4G or LTE only Click on update option When you click on update option your mobile never convert your network 4G to 3G If this method work on your phone. This trick work on 99.99% mobiles.

3: Secret Mobile Code

Open your dialpad ## 4636 ## When type last work Your mobile Open secret setting automatically, now you can enable 4G only mode this code dos’t work on Unofficial Mobiles, Click on Phone information.

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