Top 5 Football Boot Technology That Actually Works

Top 5 Football Boot Technology That Actually Works

Top 5 Football Boot Technology That Actually Works

My friends, Today we’re looking at a pretty cool top-five list over the boot technology that actually works, See in these times of big baller technology and boundaries,

constantly being pushed or the football brands they need a standout technology to really set them apart from everyone else and to stay top of mind in your head when you need to go out and buy a fresh pair of boots,

and sometimes some of these innovative technologies turn out to be nothing more than um gimmicks with zippers and other times they actually work extremely well.

So today we’re doing the top five boot technologies or features that actually work that you can visibly see when you’re on the pitch Now of course keep in mind that despite the fact that the technology or feature on your pair of football boots might not be on the list,

it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad technology Maybe it’s just doing its job, so well that you don’t really notice that it’s there anyway, let’s kick it off with the list Number five is the ACC technology also known as all conditions controls from Nike,

and NSG known as Non-stop grip from Adidas, and these two technologies are kind of similar in the sense that they both promise you to give you better control in the wet,

And while that might be a little bit of a stretch you actually do feel that the both of them work So if you go outside, you bring a football and it`s wet out there you clearly feel how there’s much more grip on the ball with the boot that has either non-stop grip or,

ACC compared to a boot that doesn’t, it simply grips the ball more when both the ball and the boots are wet Will it change your game much? Well being honest it.

It won’t, but the fact of the matter is that the technology it clearly works In fourth I brought the formskin technology from the Under Armor Magnetical that promises you an extremely personal fit that feels broken in from the moment you’ve put it on,

and um somehow it actually really delivers on that promise because this upper is not just soft It has a suppleness that’s extremely difficult to describe but somehow Extremely pleasant on your foot, and the way it stretches to match every foot shape,

and feel extremely personal like it’s made just for you, but at the same time not feeling overly flimsy or fragile while Under Armour They’re on to a winner with the formskin,

I`m a fan Now number three is a bit of a funny one because the anatomical soulplate on the Nike Mercurial boots Kind of feels a bit horrible at first because if you feet aren’t used to it.

They’re gonna cramp up and it’s gonna hurt, and it’s not gonna be very nice at all But if you give it a bit of time, and you actually get used to it. It feels downright amazing and extremely fast See the thing is that the anatomical plate is made to follow,

The natural curvature of your foot so your foot kind of sinks in a little bit to the plate instead of just plainly sitting on Top of it And it gives you the sensation of being a little bit more one With the boot and being more securely locked down to make you feel like.

you’re not moving inside the boot at all and that’s really good for when you want to accelerate basically like you’re firmly placed inside your rocket ship Ready to explore and okay it might mainly happen in your head,

but hey if it works I’m all for it Now number two is another technology that just hands-down works, no questions asked Anti-clog technology from Nike the promise is to give you better traction in the wet,

because you won’t have any mud clogging up your soulplate And if you remember to actually moisten up the plate to make it lubricious Before you go out and play with all the mud and all the dirt And the grass is just gonna slide right off because well.

it is lubricious and Nothing is gonna stick and not only is it gonna make your traction a million times better because the studs will actually be free It’s also gonna weigh less because you won’t be carrying around half of the football pitch.

Now of course the anti-clog played itself it weighs considerably more than the normal FG plates do so I only use it when it’s really really wet but if you regularly play on wet muddy pitches.

This is gonna be a very best friend But before we move on to the Big Boss number one I want to give a shout out to some of the other technologies that do a pretty good job.

And the first one is the CT-Frame on the Mizuno Rebulas because it’s this form skeleton that gives you a lovely stability and a really great padding and texture on the ball.

I absolutely love it No nonsense there Then there’s also the forged knit technology on the Predator 18+s and the 18.1s that somehow goes in to give you stability a 3D texturing for better grip on the ball and somehow also keeps the upper extremely maddeningly Insanely soft and supple.

Second only actually to the Under Armour Magnetical So big up to ever Invented forged knit and then there is the last thing, a thing that’s been used on football boot for ages Laces talking about technology that actually works laceless boots are all cool.

They have a lot of advantages, but when it comes to straight-up lockdown nothing does it better than a pair of laces And that’s how it is but number one is the net fit technology From Puma and actually may know I’m a big big fan of net fit.

Now the thing is that Execution-wise is actually a pretty low tech thing It’s a woven net sitting on the outside of the Puma Future But the idea behind it is absolutely brilliant because it allows you to customize and personalize your lacing system,

Completely to the way you want it so if you want more lockdown you can get that if it’s to accommodate for a really wide fit or Basically to make it huck your very slim foot you can do that.

You can even clean up the striking surface If you so please in other words you can do Whatever you want now of course if you don’t understand Ned Fodor you suck at net fitting well.

The technology in itself might suck as well, but if you get good at it You can turn a decent fit into a fantastic fit and when it comes down to it seeing that Fit in the football boot is king something that can help you achieve more or less the perfect fit well.

That’s good enough for me. That’s number one.So there you go my friends five boot technologies that actually deliver as they say they will now of course keep in mind that just because a certain technology.

your boot feature isn’t on the Doesn’t mean that it sucks Now for instance some of Adidas`s boots have a lot of technologies around the fit And as we know fit is really really important.

so while they do their jobs They might not be as should we say directly visible on the pitch as some of the technologies I have on the table And maybe that’s where technologies work the best at least that’s [foot for thought?]

But guys which of the boot technology is mentioned on the list or basically on any football boot do you think works as promised.

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