top 5 graphic T-shirt design

top 5 graphic T-shirt design

top 5 graphic T-shirt design

Hey everyone. This is Greg, and today, I’ve got anotherTeespring video for you. This is going to be one ofthe biggest Teespring videos that i’ve ever made, and it’s going tocover a lot of very important things. You’ve been asking, how tocreate designs that sell? So, this video is going totouch on how to create designs for Teespringthat actually get sales, but it’s gonna go a littlebit further than that. http://graphic

As you notice, this is goingto be a bit of a longer video. And the reason behind that is, it’s not as simple as just saying,this design will sell on Teespring. There are a few differentvariables that go into this, and I’m gonna cover eachone of these in this video. It’s going to be the first time that I’ve walked through fromstart to finish on this.

So, I really recommend youwatch the whole video. I’m not gonna have anyfluff in this video, so, just know that if you stickaround to the end of this video, you only have to watch it once, and you’ll know all of thisinformation going forward, for every time you’re creatingdesigns for Teespring. So, without further ado,let’s get started. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

The very first step that we haveto take is often overlooked by a lot of people, and this is why a lot ofpeople don’t have success, or get a lot of saleson their shirts. This is making sure that yourniche will actually sell. So, the very firstthing we’re gonna do, we’re gonna pop in thecomputer right here, and we’re gonnago over to

So, this right here is It’s short for ‘keywordfinder dot com,’ and it’s the best keyword searchtool that I’ve ever found. It’s completely free to use. They give you five searches per day, but the cool thing is, each one of these searchesyields about 30 results. So, you have plenty to work with. If you hit your maximum of searches, it’ll just prompt youto create an account. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

You can create a free account. You just put in your emailand create a password, and then, you have additionalsearches that you can use. Just know that if yourun into that issue. But what we want to use this for, is to make sure thatthere’s room in the niche that we’re thinking about,in order to get sales. So, there’s not too much competitionwhere we never get found.

What we’re going to do is,come right to enter a keyword. You’re gonna type in the nichethat you’re thinking about, followed by shirt, and then, we’ll see whatthose results yield. So, the first thing we’regonna do here is yoga shirt. And then, we’ll leave the other twoon anywhere in any language. Hit ‘find keywords’ over here, and we’ll see whatthese results yield. So, we only have to lookat three things here. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

The first thing is to make sure thatthe keyword is actually relevant. So, yoga shirt, yes, that’s relevant. Yogahose, that’s notgoing to be relevant. Yoga hose, not relevant again.Yoga t-shirt, that will be relevant. So, the two that we’ll focuson right here are yoga shirt, yoga t-shirt, and then, maybe,even ‘t-shirt yoga’ right here.

As you scroll down, you can see, you have quite a few otheroptions you can look at, and then, it’s start to blow it outuntil you get a paid plan, but remember, you get fivesearches a day on here, so, there’s plenty to work with. So, the first column is makingsure that the keyword lines up. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

So, yoga shirt, yoga t-shirt,and maybe, t-shirt yoga. That’s the first of the three. Now, the second is the search volume.So, we have to make sure that there’s actually enoughpeople searching for this niche. So, 5,000 monthly searches. We’ve got almost 2,000 monthlysearches right there. That’s about 7,000 searches.

top 5 graphic T-shirt design

top 5 graphic T-shirt design

That’s plenty, and then, t-shirt yoga. That’s a more uncommon search term, but there’s another 300 right there. So, we’ve got our keyword. Make sure that it’srelevant over here, and then, the search volume, make sure that there’splenty of search volume. Anything over a thousand amonth is a good one to go with. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

That’ll give you plentyof searches to work with. If you get Into 5,000, or evensomething like 12,000. That’s great. As long as you make surethat this number over here, want to look for 39 or below, this will mean thatit’s actually rankable. It means that nicheis not completely saturated.

Anything over 39 or closerto a red color on here means that there’s a ton of competition, and your shirts won’t rank,so, they won’t get found there. So, make sure that it’s 39 or below. The closer to green you canget here, the better. So, what I really likeabout KWFinder is that it gives you this colorscheme right here.

So, you don’t even reallyhave to look at the numbers. You just aim for the closest to green. So, right off the bat for yoga,we can tell that if we add up yoga shirt, yoga t-shirt, we’ve got a 31 of 35, and then, maybe,we’ll go with t-shirt yoga, it’s a 31 as well. If we add all three of those up, and then, we divide it by three,it gives us the average. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

So, there’s three terms, so, that’s why we’redividing by three. So, we’ve got 35, 31, and 31. When we add that up anddivide it by three, it’s something around 32 or 33. So, that’s our number,that’s below 39. So, that absolutely works. Now, that’s pretty close to39.

39 is kind of the cutoff. I would not recommend goingforward if it’s above 39, because it just means there’stoo much competition. So, this is going tobe a little bit of a competitive market here, this yoga. Clearly, there’s a lot of searches, but I know there’s a lot of peoplemaking purchases in the yoga market. So, that’s why I would say,it’s okay to use this. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

But as you go through here,you can search different things. Not only yoga shirt, but you could type in’basketball shirt.’ You can type in ‘rock-climbing shirt,’ You can type in different niches. Just make sure thatthey have relevant keywords, and then, it’s gettingenough search traffic, and that the numbers are in thegreen, and absolutely below 39. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

The closer to onethat you can get here, and the greener your terms,the better the niche you found. So, go through hereand keep searching. Just make sure that beforeyou create any designs that there’s room for you toactually sell in your niche. That’s the first step thatpeople often overlook, and that’s making sure that there’s actually room foryou to make sales in that niche.

So, that’s the firstcrucial step right there. So, now, that we’ve made surethat we’ve picked a good niche, we need to go and findsome design inspiration. What I love to do is,come over to If you haven’t been on Etsy, It’s kind of like acustom craft marketplace, but you’ll find that you canget a ton of inspiration on really good ideas for designs here. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

So, what we’re going to do is,come right up to the search bar, and type in ourniche followed by shirt. So, we’ll type in ‘yoga shirt,’ and now, you can see in these results,you have a ton of hits. So, the ones right up topare advertisements. So, don’t think that thoseare the top results. Those are the ones that peopleare paying to put right there, but don’t immediately write them off.

top 5 graphic T-shirt design

top 5 graphic T-shirt design

Just know that those ones arebeing paid to be on the top row. So, what we’re going to do is,scroll through these listings to get idea inspiration whilelooking for three specific things. So, the first specificthing is to make sure that the designs are somethingthat we can actually create.

If you find really intricate designson here, something like this, you’re just not going tobe able to create that, unless you are a graphic designer, or you’re paying someone tocreate something similar to that. What I prefer to look for are thingslike quotes like ‘inhale-exhale.’ You can make this in a tonof different variations, and you can absolutelydo that just by typing text. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

Things that are just words like this. You can use quotes.You can spin them around. I’m going to talk aboutthat more in a bit, but the first thing is toabsolutely make sure that they are simple designs. I like to focus on words. So, that’s the firstthing we’re looking for. The second thing that we’refocusing on is the reviews.

So, we want to see howmany reviews there are. So, as you can see, when we scroll through here,there’s something like 2800, and then, we’ve got 758, and then, on a shirtlike this, we have 57, we’ve got 125. You want to see if you canget into the thousands, judging by how many reviews it hascompared to the others. So, as you can see, anything over a thousandis really getting a lot of reviews in this category.

So, those are goingto be good options. And then, the third thing thatwe’re going to look for is what the actual review is. So, as you can see here, this is a full five-star,full five-star, full five-star, and then, as we scroll through here,we might find some that are lower. So, this one’s one-star. Someone really didn’t likethat when they got it.

So, as we’re scrolling through here, we’re keeping thosethree things in mind. Make sure you’re looking fordesigns that are mostly words, and things that youcan actually create. Number two, making sure thatthere’s a lot of reviews, and the number three, making sure that those reviews aregood reviews, five stars is preferred.

So, with all that in mind, you can scroll throughhere and get inspiration. When you find ones that you like,you can just screenshot them. If you’re on a Mac, you press ‘shift command’ 3, and it’ll screenshot that page, and you can reference that screenshotlater for some design inspiration.

Now, if you’re using a PC, or you just don’t want ascreenshot like that, you can take photos on your phoneof the specific ones that you like, or you can jot down what those quoteswere on a post-it note or something, just so, you can reference thatlater when we’re doing designing.

Now, the big thing that I wantto talk about here is, you cannot just go on here andcopy someone’s design exactly. Teespring is actually goingto penalize you for that. They’ll remove your design, and then, they actuallylower your trust score, making it harder foryou to get sales, because they won’t be promotingyour stuff organically. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

However, you can absolutelyuse this for inspiration, and I have a full videodown in the description that talks only aboutTeespring copyright, what you need to know,and all the important things. So, feel free towatch that after this. So, this is actually informationstraight from Teespring, on exactly what we’retalking about right now, and it actually givesexamples, so easier to see.

If we look over here,we have the original shirt, which is ‘beards are best,’ and then, we have someone whocopied it and that is not good. Now, if you use that for inspiration, and you create somethingthat looks like this, ‘beards the best,’ and then, put multiplebeards on there.

That’s completely fair game. As we scroll down here,we can see a few more examples. So, just changing the color ofthe shirt does not suffice, and is still copyright infringement. However, if we use that same idea,and we change the quote slightly, it’s completely okay and now, that’s your own design.

And then, the last examplehere is with images. As you can see, thereis a figure right here, and we cannot use the samefigure on another shirt. However, if you change itslightly, now, it’s yours again. So, they change the words,and they change the figure. Now, that’s your own design,and that’s fair to use. So, if you want to knowmore about the copyright, and how it all works for Teespring.

Like I said, there’s a videolinked in the description that’ll go over everything,be explaining what this is, but I’ll also link to this article, so, you can read all of thisin more detail if you want to. But the moral of the story is, when you’re scrollingthrough Etsy like this, don’t copy something exactly.Make it your own. Change the order of the words.Put on different images. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

That’s creating your own, and the best thing about Teespring is, when you actually createyour own original design, by default, copyright lawgives you that copyright. You don’t have to do anything.You now own that copyright. So, if someone elsecopies your design, you can report thatright to Teespring. Teespring will investigate it.

top 5 graphic T-shirt design

top 5 graphic T-shirt design

they deem that it’s copyrightinfringement on your design, they will remove that listing andlower that seller stress score. So, just know that you canuse this to your advantage too, as long as you’recreating original designs. What I’m gonna do is,just pick one design that we’re gonna use for actuallycreating the design on this tutorial.

I’m gonna go with something like this. This is ‘yoga I’m down dog.’It’s like downward dog. So, that’s kind ofthe pun right there. It’s got over a thousand reviews andfive stars, so, this is looking good. What I’m gonna do is,I’m gonna change this a little bit. So, I’m gonna probably change this to ‘yoga I’m so down.’Try to keep it close enough to go off that samepun of downward dog.

but changing it to make it my own, so, mine’s going to be’yoga I’m so down.’ So, what do we do from this point? Now, I recommend yougo to your smartphone, and you download one of two apps,either Typeorama or Word Swag. Typeorama and word Swag are handsdown the best designing apps. You put in the words, and it creates designs for you. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

You don’t have to bea graphic designer. So, this will work for anyone.To be very clear on this, Typeorama has already beencleared for commercial use. They released an update saying that you can use the designscreated on Typeorama for commercial use and for profit. So, that’s excellent for us, because we can use this onour t-shirts to profit from.

As of January in 2019, Word Swaghas not pushed out this update yet. I would imagine it’scoming very soon, because it’s a verysimilar app to Typorama. Now, the thing is, on Typorama, nothing on the appactually changed from before they put that intheir terms to after. It’s just that they announcedand put it in print that you can actually useit for commercial use.

So, my assumption is, WordSwag is right behind them and going to release that soon, but as of right now, Word Swaghasn’t released that. And the other thing is, theseapps are a couple of dollars. It’s something like five dollars,maybe, seven dollars right now, but trust me, you pay that once, and then you can createunlimited designs.

You sell your first shirt. It’s going to pay for that. And the last thing here is,Typorama is for iOS or iPhone, and then, Word Swag is for Android. Right now, Typorama is not on Android.So, you can’t use it on there. So, you may have to look furtherinto the ‘Word Swag’ option. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

With that being said, I’m goingto pull up Typorama on my phone, and we’ll start this design process. Alright, now, we’re in the phone here. So, I’m going to click onTyporama and open that up. The very first thingwe’re going to do here is, click that transparentin the top left corner.

This is going to giveus a clear background. So, we can just createthe text or the design, export it, and it won’thave a background. So, we can put iton any color of shirt. So, click that transparent, and then,we have a couple options for sizes. As you scroll through here, You can find all different sizes, but we’re just going toleave it on original size.

It’s actually perfect, and wedon’t need to change anything. So, just make sure you’re seton original size, and hit ‘next.’ And this is the beauty of Typorama. So, all we have to do here is,double tap right on that text, and now, we can type in our quote, or whatever we want touse for our design here. So, I’m going to come backover here and find the one that we were going to use. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

it’s right here, ‘yoga I’m down dog’. So, we’regoing to do ‘yoga.’ I’m going to capitalize the ‘yoga,’ and then, I’m gonna domanual line breaks. Just so I can press ‘ENTER,’and come underneath, and do a similar design to this,and then, we’ll do ‘I’m so down,’ and you can play withthe capitalization.

If you want to capitalizethe’ s,’ ‘so,’ ‘d,’ and ‘down,’ you can do that, but as you see on thisone, they didn’t, so, I’m just not going here, but this is going to beour design right here. Now, if we were to turnoff manual line breaks, it’ll just split it up randomly, so, we have ‘yoga I’m’could be on the same line, so, that they could beon different lines.

I know exactly how I want it. So, I’m gonna turn’manual line breaks’ on, and all we have to do is,hit ‘done’ in the top right corner, and this is the first ofour designs right here. So, all of these things onthe bottom here, you can actually hit, and itcreates different designs. top 5 graphic T-shirt design.

What I really love about this is, if you hit the same one multipletimes, it creates multiple designs. As you can see,it’s slightly changing, and sometimes, it’s moreprevalent than others. So, you can see that this designis changing like crazy. So, these are all different designs all within one differentdesign category. Look how many designcategories you have here.

So, you have unlimited designs, and you don’t have to payanyone for anything like this. You can just go through here, and this is how you cancreate your designs. So, all we’re gonna do here is,just keep coming through here, and see if we can findone that we like. I don’t want to wasteyour time here. So, I’m just gonna try tofind one pretty quickly, and I’m gonna go with this one.

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