Top 6 Mobile Photography Tips you must know

Top 6 Mobile Photography Tips you must know

Top 6 Mobile Photography Tips you must know

In the photography world there is this saying that digital photography actually demo cratized photography. If you come to really think about it something else is actually really contributed to demo cratizing photography, A mobile So in this artical we want to give you few tips on how to improve your mobile phone photography.

But for demonstration purposes we’re going to two-and-a-half-year-old phone. Just only to show you that it’s not exactly the four the phone or quality or resolution that really matters, what matters is how you use those equipments. So on to the shoot.

So, first thing first its mobile phone photography all right but it’s photography Which means a mobile phone should be given the same respect which you would give a conventional photography camera. I have few tips for you, first let’s start with the lens itself, because it’s a mobile phone and usually carry it around on your body, it’s highly likely that the glass in front of the lens could besmeared with oil, body lotion, dust etc which will affect the quality of the image.

Carry a small lens cleaning cloth something that you would use to clean your specs for example. Make sure that your the glass is cleaned properly. The next one is go into the camera app and activate a three by three grid and as we go along I will explain to you how to use those grids effectively and compose your image.

Last but not the least is holding the phone it self I’ve seen lots of people holding the phone like this with one hand and trying to take apicture with the other. Obviously you’re going to end up with a shaken image. I recommend that you hold the phone with both hands exactly how you would hold a camera.

Pull the hands and use either your thumb or your index finger to take the picture and that will help you shoot a sharp image. Now let’s move around and see if we can get good subjects to shoot I just located two gentlemen sitting there you know having their conversation after their morning walk, let me walk towards some take their permission and see if I can get some interesting shots there with them.

So I’ve asked for the permission they’ve granted me the permission to shoot. So next thing is when I look at them very interesting faces, looking at the place where they are sitting in there are lot of distraction in the background but they have very interesting faces.

If you can just walk tell me till that wall there yeah please thank you thank you thankyou please. So typically when you you know you pull out the camera what will you do you take out okay he will pose for you and you take a picture correct? But of course you got the person, now, since you’ve got an interesting face the best way is to go close fill the frame and shoot.

Now, I’m going to go close, nice. Now the background is bright I think if I but make the background a little dark this picture will improve. So, I’m going to move them in front of this like see now look at the light and see the difference. Wonderful. To me it is very nice The next one is use of frame with in theframe.

So, when I looked at it I saw this interesting black door frame and I thought I will frame him inside that okay can you come here please? You know in a situation like this you would pick up your frame and pick up the camera and take our picture but if you want to really make the picture look interesting you can use the next direction, which is include this frame in our frame.

So sir can you come inside stand inside come forward slightly yes and face that way so because he is framed that picture suddenly got a different dimension very nice So this is another way of capturing the image. It deals with all your questions about science.

So there they were playing, you know, basketball so I thought I can demonstrate the rule of third. So let me arrange. can you stand there? Alright you come in squat in front right. There are many ways I can take this shot. I can do a shot like this, I can shoot like this, but the best way would be to keep them at that golden point of the frame, so you got a nice ambiance. Wow fantastic. See the picture The next one is using the leading lines in your frame and what we do is we shoot in this step here.

Nice great attitude okay The trick is to find lines in your frame architectural or otherwise which will lead your eye to your subject and use those line to point towards your subject and take a shot. So another one we’re going to see is the role of odds. The rule says that if you’re shooting some object, try and get then in odd numbers, 1, 3, 5 et cetera. Let’s take a look at it, so I’m going to shoot a flower Very nice.

Now, let me add one more here Now you saw 1 & 2 & the rule of odd says the third one will make it very interesting. So, the odd numbers will make a better picture than the even numbers Yeah and I agree Great We will see one more before we wind up it’s about symmetry. We as human beings love symmetry, we knowingly or unknowingly enjoy and appreciate symmetry.

There is something, happens I think it’s culturally ingrained in your head to appreciate symmetry. Now if you consciously bring in symmetry in your shot that shot is likely to look better.

Let’s see how. Now this area, nice greenery but I can also see nice symmetry roared the line of the you know manicured garden and the trees and those lines and the back drop so well if I can just take a picture like this and of course I got a picture but if I slightly fine-tune and use the grid lines in the camera view finder and align the lines perfectly you get a nice symmetry.

I can also take in the lines in the building and frame it again so I’m using multiple rolls here now I have aligned all lines everything so what’s that simple use these simple guidelines and follow it and you will be able to generate or you’ll be able to take very interesting images let’s recap.

if you see an object which is interesting an object or a person or a face which is interesting and the backgrounds the surroundings are distracting go close fill the frames and take that shot look for frames or with in your frame compose your subject in front of that frame and make another interesting frame make use of the gridlines in your camera and position your subjects in that golden points and make an interesting image keep looking for interesting lines in your frame.

which will guide your eye on to your subject that’ll create another interesting frame rule of odds is another interesting guide line which you can put into practice to create interesting images symmetry is another one once you train your eye to start looking for this it will become your second nature if you follow these guidelines while taking pictures from now on soon you will become an expert and photography will become your second nature we would like to know if this has been useful if yes then share it with your friends.

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