WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Explained

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Explained

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy Explained

Facebook has many subsidiary companies such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram & WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg had already announced this in October 2020 that Facebook Messenger and Instagram are already integrated. Now FB wants to do the same with WhatsApp. A new notification has been popping up on everyone’s WhatsApp since 4th January 2021.

The notification states that if customers accept the updated T&C, they will be able to continue using WhatsApp. If people do not agree to the terms, then after 8th February, they will not be able to use the App anymore. Let me tell you about the updated T&C.

In what way will Facebook and WhatsApp be integrated. Facebook is widely used by many and it has access to many of its user’s data. Even WhatsApp is able to access personal data of its users. Now Facebook will be able to access WhatsApp’s account registration information.

However, the common man will not be able to access such information. They will even be able to access private conversations, financial transaction on Whatsapp, they can even access the mobile device information, battery level, signal strength, etc They can even go through information on various WhatsApp Groups, and data of various WhatsApp accounts.

They can even access bank accounts, or card details. I am sure you are all worried about these policies. Facebook has a huge amount of private data.

Now that data of WhatsApp and Facebook have integrated data leak is possible and extremely risky.

Since due to integration, the company will have access to a large chunk of data, there are more chances of a leak. If you are used to having private conversations on WhatsApp chats or groups, and you are apprehensive about the polices, you can stop having such conversations.

Now it’s upto you to agree or disagree with the policies. If you are someone who cannot live without WhatsApp and agree to the T&C, then you can use it. If you aren’t comfortable with the policies, uninstall the App.

If it is very difficult you to stop using the App, then you can have a designated SIM for conversing on WhatsApp. You can use another SIM with your preferred application for private conversation. Now that Facebook has imposed the T&C on its WhatsApp users, people are extremely worried and do not agree with their tactics.

They have said financial transactions, images, etc. are personal details & facebook must not have access to such data through WhatsApp. Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted that he is not happy with WhatsApp’s policies. He recommended downloading Apps such as Signal & Telegram After his Tweet, More than 100,000 users installed Signal while Telegram picked up nearly 2.2 million downloads.

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