Winter Skin Care Routine Beauty Tips For DRY, OILY and Normal Skin in 2020 / 2021

Winter Skin Care Routine Beauty Tips For DRY, OILY and Normal Skin in 2020 / 2021

Winter Skin Care Routine Beauty Tips For DRY, OILY and Normal Skin in 2020 / 2021

Winter chills are back and there are so many things I love about this season, the holidays, Christmas, weddings bring out the best in me but what I really hate is the way my skin feels dry and dehydrated and I’ve heard this from every single person, no matter what their skin type, winter skin care can be a bit of a pain! I have super dry skin at the best of times, and it can be really problematic during the winter.

No-one likes stretchy, cracked, flaky rough skin, so for those of you who are dealing with excessively dry skin, chill, I’ve got your back. Just like everybody else in the beauty industry, I am convinced that what we feed our body has a huge impact on our skin. So, if you’re looking for that natural glow, hunt down super foods like avocados, walnuts, dark chocolate that are rich in antioxidants and omega 3s, and make it part of your diet.

Your skin will thank you! Does your skin get dry and itchy no matter how many oils and creams you slather on? I’ve had my share of bad moisturisers too and tossed out hundreds of them until I realised that I needed that one moisturiser that works just that little bit longer. The Nivea Body Milk works like magic on my skin and it has been my winter buddy for almost a decade.

What I do is, I take a coin sized amount and slather it on my hands and legs immediately after a shower, and then wait for about a minute before I wear my clothes, so that the moisturiser starts working it’s way in. The beauty of this Body Milk is that it has a 48 hour deep moisture lock-in formula that repairs the skin from within, hydrates it and makes it nice and soft.

I’ve always preferred comfort over fashion and I only make an exception if i’m going to a wedding or a party. Choose fabrics like tweed, cashmere or even velvet that won’t irritate your skin, but if you love to play dress up, even layering with cotton can be a great way to stay stylish yet warm. This way you don’t end up repeating your outfits often. So now that I’ve covered dry skin peeps, I’m not going to leave the rest of you hanging.

if you have oily skin, you still have some work to do, because your skin won’t stop producing that excess oil just because the weather has changed. But by making a few adjustments in your skincare regime, you can enjoy beautiful soft skin this winter.

Did you know that your skin produces more oil in winters to compensate for the dryness, resulting in more than the usual breakouts? This is why every skin type needs a little bit of TLC and oily skin is no different. I know it may be tempting to skip moisturising altogether, but sadly, it causes more harm than good. So using the right moisturiser is key for you oily skinned beauties. Our current favourite is Nivea Aloe Hydration, it’s actually great regardless of what type of skin you have, but we find it works really well on oily skin.

Now if you’re wondering why you should be using aloe vera during winters when it’s actually a summer product, aloe is good all year round, and for beautiful soft skin you need that constant hydration. Take a coin sized amount of the lotion and apply it all over. You’ll notice that the lotion gets absorbed into the skin instantly making it feel super light and non-greasy.

Another cool solution to keep your oily skin fresh is to whip up a body mask. All you have to do is mix 2 tbsp aloe vera & 2 tbsp of cornmeal to a bowl of fresh yogurt. Sprinkle some turmeric and mix the ingredients well. Apply it on areas that tend to dry out and leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water or use a sponge to remove the mask. The cooling and hydrating properties of these ingredients will soothe the skin and keep it fresh.

Winter Skin Care Routine Beauty Tips For DRY, OILY and Normal Skin in 2020 / 2021

Winter Skin Care Routine Beauty Tips For DRY, OILY and Normal Skin in 2020 / 2021

We all seem to reduce our water intake as soon as the temperatures drop, that dehydrates the body which in turn reflects on our skin poorly leaving it wrinkled and blah. So instead of drinking that boring normal water, I try having some fun by adding some flavour to it. Try adding 10-12 pieces of watermelon and a handful of basil leaves to a jar of water. This fruity water is a quick way to keep the skin radiant and it fights off body acne as well.

Think of this as your very own 2 in 1 magic potion. Cold and dry air don’t spare people with normal skin either, you’re in as much trouble as the rest of us. So if you fall under this skin type, you definitely cannot escape a daily skin care ritual. I’m sure the products you use to exfoliate are much more fun than oatmeal. This universal favourite is not only healthy for the body but also for your skin. Just add a few tbsps of honey to a bowl of oatmeal and go scrubbing. This will get rid of all the dead skin cells gently revealing that nice healthy glow. http://beauty

Chasing body hair that seems to grow back within no time means that you need to change your shaving game. The first step to shaving right is exfoliating and the next is to shave in the right direction. You always have to gently go against the direction of your hair growth and not along with it. Shaving correctly keeps your skin soft, supple and gets rid off all the bumps. I’ve said this twice already in this video, but it is really that important. Even if you have decently hydrated skin, you still need to moisturise.

You don’t have to use a product that is very heavy and ultra moisturising, you can use Nivea’s Shea Smooth body lotion. It’s shea butter and glycerin get deep into the skin, making it nice and soft and it lasts for about 48 hours so it’s a long time. Make dry skin a thing of the past by understanding your skin type and the problems that come with it. I hope these tips help you enjoy healthy and radiant skin this season which I love to call winter wonderland. I’m Tanisha and I’ll see you again soon until then, stay tuned and stay Glamrs.

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